What Is An Online Learning Environment

What is a campus learning environment, and why are we considering it to be a different type of space?

Many people working to reinvent or reinvent themselves today had no idea what an “online learning environment” was until they began to make that transition in the tech savvy, tech friendly, knowledge rich culture of the last decade or so. Once one does make that move, they begin to find out what an OLE is, and are encouraged to take part in learning, as well as to push themselves to better themselves academically, social, personally and otherwise.

A primary aim of an online learning environment is to use digital learning platforms to, in essence, create a virtual classroom of the participant’s own choice, allowing people to learn based on how they want to learn, and create their own unique environment to do so. An online learning environment is not simply a tool; it is a strategy and a lifestyle that allows people to go at their own pace and work out for themselves what is going to work best for them.

The creators of these digital tools clearly set out to create the equivalent of a last ditch effort of sorts, perhaps in case one’s efforts ultimately do not go according to plan, by setting out their solutions based on meritocracy. (If you do not believe that meritocracy is applicable, think of the treatment you receive from some of your colleagues, when you have successfully done your part for them in getting the job done.) Then, the venue for educational learning that became available to the self-made person who decides what suits them is no better than that, but brings the permanence and an accountability to be held accountable for, and thus creates the transparency or accountability needed. (If you are better at something, you can keep moving on to the next thing until you get it right.)

Inevitably, an online learning environment has its limits; it can never be more than one person’s effort and endeavour, and never able to get more than one person to the point that it can serve to generate knowledge and inspiration, but it can go a long way in providing a reason to even start. (Let the presenter, or the moderator, of the process who usually describes the process that is to happen in a sense, explain how this works. Doing so will, hopefully, allow your ego to fade and allow yourself to focus on being the best that you can be.)

At this point you are increasingly building up your character and reputation as you start to take on new challenges, for yourself and others, at a consistent rate. You, as an online learner, are finding your own strengths and weakness and working to both improve those weaknesses and enhance your strengths, rather than stopping in your tracks and relying on the script that has been loaded into the system.

The further along you go, the more important the attitude is that you adopt: being patient, having the right attitude and providing your own energy are all things that online learning environments are highly recommended for. Making sure that your life becomes your own plays a major role in this environment. Being the go-getter that you are is important, but be aware that you will do very well if you play to your strengths. That does not mean being the greatest at everything, just that you can be good at having a go, at the things that are important to you, and put your focus and time into those areas that you are good at and that are going to give you the biggest return in terms of the pay-off in your life.

Online learning environments allow people to learn and learn successfully, and that is the message that they are assuring you that they will deliver. They will empower you to succeed because they will help you to learn without your having to stop for a holiday to recharge the batteries and be able to go forward again when you get back in shape.

Online learning environments do provide you with an opportunity to be the best that you can be, and that is something that will impress anyone, because it was very much a consequence of the strengths that we, as individuals, have. That has to be honoured.

The author is the CEO of LikeANonality.com, a Silicon Valley technology company that creates and manages online learning environments.

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