What Is An Online Learning Enviorment

Zachary Gordon talks about the science behind online learning and how it can help educate more people.

Hooking up: a connected education

Have you ever had someone “link up” with you, without being able to find a real connection? Did you find it frustrating? Or was this just the world of dating in 2019?

In the Internet age, both the sites and apps seem to have reached their saturation points. It used to be that every man had a profile on OKCupid and every woman had a profile on Tinder. But we are in an era of anonymous hook-ups and more importantly, none of the apps is providing a real and reliable connection or even just real-time visibility into the person. But websites like Skillfeed and HelloVIP provide on-demand online virtual assistants — often called hook-up services, dating coaches or even roommates. Many schools and universities, like FLASH, have become “fully interactive platforms” where students can access online courses and programs. They have a whole host of options to choose from, such as live classes, online courses, online certification or courses on subjects that are less common at traditional classes. And students can have online access to all online courses and courses — including those that are not live. The academy fee of $20 a month provides unlimited access to all classes, courses and programs.

For the next student, or anyone who has ever been frustrated with the way dating or mating works — that is now under this kind of umbrella, thanks to online experiences — it is time to speak with the online learning experience. Do you have a love or connection with online dating?

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