What Is An Online Learning Community And What Are Its Characteristics

An online learning community is generally referred to as an online learning site, a collaborative site, or an online community. You can also make some use of collaborative platforms, such as Twitter, Snapchat, and similar, that also have learning components, and online destinations that are specific to a particular subject such as writing, and entrepreneurship.

Whether they are physically possible or not, many of us would love to learn more about the world. We would love to find new things to learn about, new ways to find community, and gain from the better part of our self. It’s not hard to see the desire for community growing as more people are able to study and learn online.

Most people already are feeling somewhat disconnected from their peers who are pursuing knowledge via brick and mortar classrooms. The shared classroom model as it’s structured, can be a hindrance to personal reflection and growth as it only applies to one other person.

One reason for this is students’ group size which is rather substantial in virtual education. Group discussion opens up the possibility of leading others to better understand themselves, develop their critical thinking skills, and enhance their communication abilities.

Social interaction is beneficial for learners of all age groups. It brings students of all levels together for co-learning and helps build interpersonal skills. Online education allows for many other ways of sharing knowledge and creating a community.

A Common Purpose

What’s most important to remember is that they are not just turning classrooms and cubicles into classrooms. A common purpose is essential for any learning community. The goal is to help students achieve to their fullest potential and learn from each other.

To learn from fellow classmates is not the end goal. The purpose is to improve your personal development to bring more knowledge and become better leaders. The learning experiences and the social interactions are complementary.

They Provide Free Access To Knowledge

The Community offers more than free content. An online learning community provides a certain level of social services, a positive feedback loop, and much more. This is significant for a lot of students who struggle to find other students to engage with online.

It enhances students’ perspectives on life by providing a variety of different perspectives from other students with different backgrounds. It brings varied experiences that can be incorporated into the growth process. A connected learning community is an environment where one learns and gets the benefit of each other’s strengths.

Redefine Self-Development

To be aware of the other perspectives in the world is not something you get from traditional courses. Social interaction has to be a large part of the experience of learning. Students are not limited to learning by themselves or being dependent on lecturers.

We are independent learners and sometimes find ourselves lost. Those days can become filled with stress and anxiety. You get stuck on something or you just don’t know how to get through it.

Learning from online communities is different. They provide a sense of community. You are not alone in your learning journey. There are countless people all around the world from diverse backgrounds learning in different ways. This can give students a sense of belonging, they can learn from each other, and enjoy each other’s company.

Locate A Community

What makes a good online learning community? Like with any new community, you want to find one where you can find something you are looking for. Just as you know where to go when you are looking for a restaurant, you should know the meaning behind it.

Network with the people you think you might find something relevant in. Ask what other people are researching. Find out what they know and what other interests they might have. Look for people who are looking for something similar to yourself. Give them a chance. They might just find what they are looking for.

It’s all about finding something relevant to you. Is it a subject that interests you? Or is it something that is not the typical mix of topics? Don’t hesitate to tap into your knowledge and intellectual muscle to find what you need in an online learning community.

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