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I have grown up in the age of distance learning. It has grown and changed over the years. However, as the world changes, it seems the most important way to learn has changed. Now, virtual courses are more important. Virtual degrees have been around for a while now and more and more schools are offering them. With no classroom requirement, you have a choice of which University or College to attend and the course will usually be a part of a larger program. There is an incredible online job market now. Have you heard about the rise of on-demand or hourly workers? There are increasing number of jobs for those with online skills. This in addition to the global average wage of $18.66 per hour and the 40 plus hour work week are the two strong drivers to keep increasing the availability of online classes. Here is what they are and what you need to know:

Roughly how many online courses are offered today?

According to an AP article in Bloomberg, there are over 11,000 online or distance programs from 50 schools. What is more of a challenge is the number of students who are able to benefit from them. Roughly 6 million students have participated in these classes but according to the American Society for Test Prep and Admissions website, only about 33,000 college and university students graduate from online classes. Is that a problem? The answer is no. Though the difference in course completion does mean that the ones who are successful are those who truly want to take the class and are at the grade level for it. What is more important than that is a university looking for qualified students and taking measures to ensure that only those students who want to take the course are accepted. The number of students willing to take the course is increasing every year. Whether you are looking to get certified or want to find new experiences you need to have a quality education. A great example of how virtual courses work is with virtual sessions. What do virtual sessions stand for? They are offline, audio or video chat sessions. Think of them as WebEx and Skype combined. What if you missed out on the chance to study abroad or a new city? In addition to courses that are offered online, you will also find that some colleges will hire foreign students to attend their programs and take the classes online for them. This is not only cheaper, but the student is probably from another country that has less expensive costs. In the past four years there have been more than 150,000 students who have gone to many programs abroad. This is great for the economy. This lower cost for students is a win-win for all.

What is the best way to do online classes?

Some universities now offer iTunes U. This service allows students to access or take their traditional courses online. They have an easier time learning since it is synchronized to your iTunes library and it can download lectures, notes, and video. Once your iTunes library is synced, your teacher will text you or call you during a class to answer questions or ask additional questions. The program charges an extra $20 per semester for those who plan to use iTunes U in the classroom. Most of the time we will move from one class to another and at other times just to adjust to course and learning schedule. This online extension of the college experience can keep you more focused and teach you valuable information. The teachers do not even have to be in the same city or state. Have questions that are difficult for you to ask? iTunes U can help you with that.

Digital classes now exist for all students and have been a great learning experience for many. Having a quality online education can give you many of the learning opportunities that you have access to in person. Having the choice of choosing the best university that your abilities and interests match. The online courses give you more resources and access to learn more. If you are seeking a unique experience that perhaps your experience cannot provide, do look into learning the new technology that is now offered online to learn more.

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