What Is An Oer In Online Learning

In this example, Craig sees a push for more access to content. He’s looking for an easy way to consume data and attend lectures.

What Is An Oer In Online Learning

Depending on which online learning platform you choose, the content of your course or class may vary. Some online classes you can take aren’t exactly “real” (meaning, they’re not online), but others are entirely digital and completely authentic. As part of our weekly series on the best online learning platforms, we spoke with POPSUGAR Digital’s Head of Content Solutions, Joe Wild, to learn more about online learning.

What is the difference between a two-hour online class and a full degree program?

You might be thinking, “I thought you told me you were not supposed to talk about online education,” but you’re completely right. As a matter of fact, when I mentioned the word online to an alumnus of one of our educational partners, I actually got canned for it. Online education is a legitimate thing! The difference between a full degree program and a two-hour online class might be a course on growth hacking or framing an argument. (Most online programs are pretty comparable in format and content.) In many ways, a two-hour course can provide the same level of educational value as a full degree program, albeit slightly less so.

How did you get interested in online learning?

When I started at POPSUGAR in 2012, there was a booming boom in the niche of digital content. We needed to increase the quantity and quality of content we were producing to better serve our readers. At the time, many of the companies that were buying these services were based on some sort of real estate or hard goods business model. You knew, for example, that a property developer, or someone who wanted to buy real estate, wanted to buy this large company like RE/MAX or Move Inc., and buy it as a new company with new management. From the company’s perspective, this new company’s content was more valuable, and for our readers, it seemed like content delivered by a faceless company that wasn’t rooted in the quality of content we were producing.

I came to the conclusion that this medium was missing a class that focused on content creation. I could take a course that taught me how to make money from real estate, do these project-oriented things, but the class that made it really clear about a blogosphere where people create compelling content that resonates with readers.

We thought about it and realized that this model exists for class content. In fact, online education is an extension of high school and college. In other words, it’s something similar to those “scores of unknowns competing for the attention of plenty of real-life students” textbooks, which are teaching the basics of how to write, speak, and present in a traditional classroom setting. In a class space, students are graded, the same as when a teacher at a school grade papers, and you have live participation from a group of people. The students I spoke with who had used online courses said that online learning brings a dynamic and truly engaging environment. It’s something that you don’t get in a high school or a classroom setting. If you truly embrace the mentorship aspect, the teaching aspect is off the charts. I would say that it’s not something that you can really find elsewhere.

How does online learning fit into the big picture?

Online learning is often presented as the latest and the greatest of some type of tech platform, like a smartphone or some other platform. The reality is that it’s only a piece of the puzzle. There are components of this technology that people can’t ignore. For example, online learning helps in digital marketing and content creation. But if your goal is to use the content to promote your brand, in the case of a real estate agent, all you need is some hashtags on your Facebook page.

The reality is that it’s only a piece of the puzzle. The real game-changer is the data and the most intuitive way to reach people. Online learning is a supplemental and concurrent tool for branding and driving awareness and sales.

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