What Is An Oer In Online Learning

It’s a well-known fact that a fourth grader is likely still a tween before finishing a full course load in any given school year. Students often log a minimum of 20-plus hours of study each night, each of which take place online. Over time, we have all come to understand that Internet education is one of the greatest paths of development for today’s student. Thousands of high school and college students are currently spending countless hours in front of a screen studying for college, high school, or even a career.

Online learning—or online education—was first imagined in the 80s. This form of education differs from traditional university studies because of the way students learn in online environments. This works on a variety of levels from just the sheer fact that they are online and never have to leave their homes. However, what truly sets the difference between online learning and conventional school learning is through the unique opportunities that online institutions present to students.

The online environment

There are two primary benefits to learning online versus in a classroom environment. The first is in being able to access a massive amount of course material at any time without having to physically set foot in a classroom. One reason why students frequently take their classes online is because it saves time, saves money, and helps with effortless accessibility.

Second, learning online is a student’s chance to gain an entirely different perspective on the world around them. Students work in a diverse and inclusive environment, and ultimately gain a different perspective on the world and are therefore more likely to engage in activities that allow for in-depth study and problem solving. This allows for advanced academics to be accomplished without sacrificing on quality.

Everything you need to know about Online Education

More than just a buzzword, online education can simply become a brand new identity for a college’s program. Other brands choose to focus on specific schools and specific departments, while still incorporating online elements within every major. However, in terms of complete programs, online education remains the same across several brands.

In addition to the academic aspects of the program, there are some other major benefits to online education. No doubt, online education provides opportunities for job hunting. Students are able to set up one-on-one in-person interviews with professors during the academic year and are able to submit additional applications to universities during the summer, and certainly be able to apply to work-related internships and full-time positions.

Looking ahead, online education will continue to take hold and push its way into colleges as more students, parents, and employers alike find online education to be the effective and affordable method of education. With the age range in which our students receive their education continuing to grow, many of today’s children are already taking full online courses and preparing to enter the workforce well into their adult years.

If you’re interested in finding an ideal online college program that offers the best level of academic completion and dual-degree programs, check out the resources below.


All of the programs listed below offer completion requirements for admission in this program. Although some programs have varying enrollment requirements, all of the requirements listed below mirror those of the majority of programs.

Complete completion requirements of all required universities

Must have a grade point average that puts them in the top 30% in their high school class, based on class rank

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