What Is A Online Learning Management Systems

An online learning management system is an online student management system used by college, university, and other organizations to help their students.

What Is A Online Learning Management Systems

Approximately one third of the number of people in the world use computers in their daily lives to stay connected with the Internet. Often times those people spend hours on their laptops and smart phones, but don’t realize that the living is getting better in terms of distance education. In order to improve their chances at success, more and more people are embarking on online learning. It is now easier than ever to attain knowledge online, whether you need help or not. Online learning management systems are the best platforms for businesses looking to deliver digital content to students online. Whether you’re a college that has the money to send students to remote campuses across the world, or you’re a pre-K through high school student who needs to grab knowledge on basic subjects, there is a learning management system designed to help you.

1. Khan Academy

If you are looking for more than a basic knowledge on subjects in mathematics, science, and writing, then you should definitely check out Khan Academy. Now this isn’t a specific online learning platform, so if you don’t know how, then you are missing a major teaching point. If you would like to understand what’s going on right now, for example, then you need to go to Khan Academy, and the farther in time you get, the more examples you will be able to click on. That’s where technology has come to the rescue, and KA is one of the most well known avenues for providing digital content to you. The first thing that people look for when looking for a learning platform is the “utility” of it, and that’s what many people consider to be the distinctive feature of KA.

2. Coursera

While not affiliated with the Khan Academy, Coursera, which just recently merged with edX, offers learning from any major technology field. This means that it has well-known and well-regarded professors who can teach the students anything they need. The first thing that people will notice about Coursera is that it is fast to use. Every student can download it on their computer or phone and start learning immediately. Another point that is commendable about Coursera is that you can begin your classes right after your favorite book is downloaded, giving you almost immediate access to course material. That said, the biggest selling point of Coursera is its incredible community support, which is often called quality learning in action. More than 40 universities offer Coursera courses, and you can check out a few on their website.

3. EdX

EdX is a teaching project put forth by Harvard and MIT and the role of this platform is that of a platform that makes learning as easy as possible for everyone. In short, the major selling point for EdX is that there is a classroom element to it, just like Coursera. Not only that, but some professors specialize in delivering digital content in an effective manner. If you find a professor who has the best video exercises on the platform, then you would be lucky. An advantage of using EdX is that it is an open and free learning environment, which means that there is no limit to the number of people you can find to learn alongside you.

4. MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWare offers pre-K through high school content for students of all ages. The purpose of OpenCourseWare is not to go against educational institutions, but rather to make it easier for everyone to engage with instructional content at school. Many universities in the US use OpenCourseWare, and this is a standard feature in many of the universities teaching digital content. By using OpenCourseWare, you don’t have to pay a penny to get the content. In other words, you don’t have to put any extra money into the pot in order to get help with your homework.

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