What Is A Online Learning Manafenent System

The Filipino community is anxiously awaiting for the arrival of the MANAFENENT System. Based on a pseudonym, this is a video interviewing about the video chat conference managed by the MANAFENENT Manafenent System.

What is a manafenent system?

A manafenent system is “a completely different mode of organizational teaching for the global community.”

It is a form of training that is built off of the foundation of traditional learning, but it is one completely open to the community and complete with all online social and technological elements.

The famous quote from Steve Jobs is “It’s not what you know. It’s who you know.” Learning can be emotional and it’s the person, not the knowledge, that the teacher hopes to influence. A manafenent system of learning is an opportunity for people to think about and engage with specific concepts and characters in an interactive way and to learn while being entertained and social.

A manafenent system is traditionally taught in schools, such as high school. Students will meet the teacher one on one for four to six hours per week and will follow the approach of an ongoing seminar. Classes will include a group of other students, including students already enrolled in the seminar. The whole process is entirely at the students’ own level of understanding.

There is a large advantage to a manafenent system in that it offers more flexibility in terms of learning style. Menafenent systems are created for the community and members actively work with each other. The instructors are just as receptive as their students and there is always the possibility of learning from those who have already studied.

The traditional educational model puts heavy emphasis on memorization. It is students’ job to recall the material they have learned and to be actively engaged with the teacher. In a manafenent system, the teacher is actively listening to and responding to every word said by a student, something that makes all the difference in the world. Students just need to listen to their instructor and their instructor should be constantly looking at students when listening to the class. An instructor who is always looking at students can be trusted to question and assist students when they don’t understand something, something that is difficult in a traditional education setting.

A manafenent system also allows the instructor to break down complex concepts into simple bite size chunks. Students can learn topics online and teachers can do the same. They can use video and other images to communicate certain topics and knowledge with clear and understandable language, something that is tough to teach in a traditional environment.

While the manafenent system is much more flexible than a traditional learning program, the teachers are more trained, so there is still the risk of a learning lag that may take place. A manafenent system still needs to allow students to try out their own thoughts and theories. It’s difficult for the instructor to completely explain complex topics. It is good for the students to question, challenge, explore, and re-examine the lessons every few weeks or months to make sure they are both understood and engaged.

A manafenent system is best practiced for short term assignments, tests, or conversation. Students who want to take their classes further than one year will need to visit a manafenent teacher who can demonstrate how to further develop that knowledge and expand upon the lessons. As a community-based education, there are no academic restrictions. An aspiring singer could volunteer to sing at her pastor’s dinner or a creative person could volunteer to write the next manga. Any kind of application is made up to the individual as to what content interests them and how that content can be utilized in a meaningful way.

A manafenent system is an open form of learning where the outcome of one person’s exploration is completely dependent on the relationships built among other learners and community members. It’s like taking a communal trip into the future and helping each other navigate through uncharted terrain.

Alexander Schmitz is an Indiana University and University of Louisville graduate and previously studied the intersection of science and philosophy. He has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a master’s degree in philosophy. Follow him on Twitter: @Schmitzor @apsj_professor.

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