What Is A Magento Module Online Learning

As any online learning technology student knows, it is hard to keep track of what modules or components of the HTML packages used in online courses. This is why we’ve done some sorting to help you to do some sleuthing, and come up with some reasonably easy exercises to compare different modules, libraries and components.

What Is A Magento Module Online Learning


In today’s digital age, eLearning technology has become everywhere. Universities now adopt it to reach their students and instructors worldwide. High school students can participate online, but the nature of learning is changed in the digital sphere.

I became interested in this topic after establishing and running a successful online course series that offers an intensive, four-week series of lectures. Over the course of the year, I stumbled upon an opportunity to create my own brand-new course that would be online only, eliminating the students who appear to be few and far between.

As a master of digital media, I could also achieve certain branding and marketing goals. Therefore, my initial plans for creating this eLearning course were quite different than I have been planning them.

It started simply enough, when I discovered that the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, online students in the state of Alabama, each needed a block schedule to teach back-to-back blocks of two eight-hour block sessions per week for the entire term. Then I looked at the associated registration fee; it seemed reasonable to me. However, I didn’t know for sure that I had the kind of students I needed to make it work, and that is exactly what led me to realize I needed to start my course with a very different methodology.

I immediately started thinking about how to cut a class down in size from five students to two students. In the background, I recognized an opportunity for me to create my course into a virtual learn-by-tester model. The concept was to design a give-and-take format where a student would enter a limited amount of material, and I would agree to a time frame in which they would complete their tasks. It also turned out that there was a plus in creating such a model, because at this point, I knew how to successfully write code for my course (or in my case, part of it).

Using that experience and learning-by-tester model, I built my course, and in the process, came to understand how open source software is the key to making it work. Using a package made by the Mozilla Foundation for its Firefox Internet browser, I integrated a number of web widgets with my course, each of which is just a click away for course participants. Therefore, they can obtain resources and support within seconds, without having to wait for those who are most likely to use the course to complete their work.

After months of research and development, I learned how to include text, spreadsheet data, slides, prompts, and videos that could be seen through a web browser. I also found a way to interact and trigger quizzes with open source coding by accessing the code.

After conducting some more research, I found that I didn’t have to include 25 to 50 materials for each course, but rather could reduce that requirement and make it simple enough to simplify for one or two students.

To those of you who are interested in learning the learning styles of my students, I think you might enjoy that this is really easy to do and allows us to focus on individual learning. I’ve taken thousands of projects online using different learning styles and know that each of them adds to the learning process and help that student realize their goals. It also lets me develop a very realistic work plan for both students and myself to do everything, and more, successfully.

After countless hours of research, it became clear to me that eLearning is the future. It is where everything is, and the only chance for course participants to turn their knowledge into practice and increase their skills.

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