What Is A Learning Disability Ld Online

Explaining the differences between a learning disability and dyslexia.

What Is A Learning Disability Ld Online

As a licensed clinician in the fields of education and mental health, I have had the privilege of doing countless things in the name of research, from trying out a new therapy service to revising my own practice. At every stage of my career, I’ve been reminded that as hard as it is to complete tasks, we can’t let our minds wander. Just like our bodies need to rest, so too must our brains.

Whenever I’m ready to break down my work to its simplest form, I’ll share a few consistent pieces of wisdom to help put things in perspective. In the spirit of this research-y reminder, I’d like to take you to a place where most of us find ourselves at work. I’d like to tell you that we’re creating lasting change in the lives of our clients, helping them solve their problems.

I’d like to share with you that the very necessary first step in this process is to define what learning disability(s) we’re dealing with. Since we can’t control how we develop, we can’t control how we behave.

And now I’d like to share with you exactly what I’m talking about.

That’s right. It’s a learning disability called dyslexia. The opposite of dyslexia is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), or even “Progressive Inattention Deficiency Disorder.” Think about how hard it is to play charades at the dinner table? It’s even harder to focus. On the one hand, we all know that ADHD isn’t exactly accurate, but that’s not the problem. The goal here is the same—help clients correct their behaviors so they can live a more balanced life. For some, this might mean incorporating more language or spelling into their homework; for others, it may mean making more time for relaxation.

More interestingly, there is also a label to describe learning disabilities beyond dyslexia. There’s an additional group of learning disabilities, called verbal subtendence. It could be ADHD or another condition that hinders people from using expressive and interactive language as effectively as they would like. The functional counterpart to verbal subtendence is another word that comes in, too: behavioral dyslexia.

The distinction between these things can be confusing for clinicians, but the bottom line is simple: many people, especially adults, do poorly on their typical subjects. But for as many of us as are concerned about dyslexia, there are many more of us who have caused problems by neglecting an area of the brain where an extremely needed skill is located.

No one in the health industry likes to spend time addressing mental health. Many people think it’s as much a mental illness as drug or alcohol abuse, when in reality, it’s just a different part of our mental health. And like illness, people in need of treatment for mental health problems typically feel ashamed to share their experiences with a therapist. So there’s no single way to treat learning disabilities. There are so many different needs that to address it in a lump-sum manner doesn’t work.

The point is this: Dyslexia, verbal subtendence, and behavioral dyslexia are all mental health issues. But not all mental health issues have the same impact. Some problems are just very specific and relate to a particular personal issue. For example, some people with OCD have been having this problem since they were born. They may have even forgotten they had the OCD until they stumbled upon therapy. But it can be related to a larger issue or issue that persists throughout the life of the individual.

That’s why it’s crucial that we’re qualified as to what we’re dealing with. We need to be able to differentiate between problems that are intractable and ones that can be taken care of. Our therapists can help people discover which of these kinds of learning disabilities they may have, then guide them to personalized treatment.

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