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Today is World Education Day, a day to commemorate and to urge schools and governments across the world to change. As school days come to an end, the issue of education is on everybody’s mind and raises questions on how we will ensure a top-quality education for our children.

Sharing data information can be daunting if you are just getting started, and sharing is not as simple as I previously stated. Data sharing with colleagues and contributing research to the wider community takes work and time investment. Through our practice, we have had to learn and relearn.

If you are taking your first steps into online learning management system (OLMS) then the research mentioned below should help you make the most of your time. In order to get to the later bits of the article, please click the following link.

PBS NewsHour, “Online Instruction Training: Finding the Right Way”, CBS News, Link

In many cases, instruction is tailored specifically to a student’s skill and knowledge level. So what’s the best way to handle instruction? NPR’s blog, Coding with Codes, took on the topic of instructional learning:

Information about building a student-centered learning environment

In a blog post, the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) listed the following seven steps towards incorporating student-centered learning:

Learning Paths?

So what’s your learning path to implementing student-centeredness? Decide what the goals of your department/institution are. Then think about how to support students on their path to graduating on time. This could include various technical interventions or redesigning instruction.

A news story from Ziff Davis suggests

“56 percent of the students at colleges and universities are learning on a computer, according to the College Board, a New York City education-research company. A survey of more than 5,000 college students by Forbes Insights found that half of them were dependent on an app, computer game or online program to get through their courses. Students whose college is on the computer may find it hard to jumpstart their coding skills; curriculum and assessments are geared more to preparing students for the traditional academic experience.”

Investing in Online Course Learning

A class syllabus can be a road map for learning path 3 (data sharing). A syllabus can also be an identifier of the objective of the individual learning path. These are often buried in a section of a syllabus, but having your own syllabus could be beneficial to fostering student-centeredness and student empowerment.

The syllabus can function as the outline or research trail of the learning path. It helps convey the outline in an accessible format. It can also provide a baseline for instruction and help to set the foundation for the student who may be feeling overwhelmed in engaging with complex learning problems.

A common problem with teaching with a students is the way it can be tucked in under sections such as Students’ Seminar or Taught by Ph.D.’s. With the right online learning management system (OLMS), the syllabus can be shared across the department, school, and outside community. Students, tutors, and even other mentors can see what’s going on and interact with the student to assist.

A lecture archive is one way to share. It allows students to find lectures past, present, and future. It can be a powerful learning tool to share with your students and set the stage for lesson learning and student empowerment.

To see where your students are on the learning path, use as many resources as possible. Make sure your syllabus is in a centralized place. Then think about how you plan to unlock learning and empower students to make learning a healthy and fun process.

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