What Happened With Online Learning In 2010

There has been a lot of talk in the education community about the need for a college degree to be competitive in the job market.

Online education has taken hold in the US and has become the norm. It is evident that more Millennials are the students that prefer online learning. Having done some research, the meteoric rise of online courses amongst today’s college students is surprising. Those starting out in online education never actually go on to begin to enroll in a traditional classroom. This trend seems to be a positive for both companies providing online courses and for potential graduates looking to get started on a career path. Now this has a downside, traditional universities face stiff competition in driving down the cost of tuition to attract students. That potential downside is beginning to show at colleges that have higher than average debt loads.

Some schools find themselves trying to find a middle ground with the costs associated with online learning. Online programs are increasingly seen as a flexible part of the university core curriculum, and traditionally, there has not been a lot of financial incentives offered to increase the enrollment of students. That could all be about to change with the implementation of new federal regulations that colleges are getting ready to set forth.

Overall, the trend towards online education is massive, and students aren’t slowing down. Given the immense popularity of online learning, it should not be surprising that the school starts competing to see which program is more attractive to students.

The federal regulations are specifically intended to be on college campuses, but there are a number of studies that demonstrate a relationship between online and live classes.

Greene received a credit for taking one of their classes online. Greene said, “I know a lot of people that really prefer online.”

With more students looking to live courses online, online education has begun to bloom as more creative courses open up and are available to students in their local area or on the East Coast.

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