What Experiences Do People Have Using Online Learning

The resources offered by online education. From courses that are accredited to holistic information, students can find the perfect education.

Searching for a career can feel like a futile effort. It’s easy to get caught up on your undergrad school and the most recent college admissions office visit, and it’s easy to ignore the job market. Everyone knows that resumes don’t work anymore, and businesses will place a higher value on the qualities of the people behind the job seekers. Some brands of online learning are doing their part to ensure students have a very realistic chance of landing a job.

Some companies, such as the San Francisco-based company TruNews, are helping prepare incoming college graduates for this job market. TruNews specializes in training people with basic corporate knowledge in the event a person is offered an employment opportunity. TruNews uses a variety of tools to help people gain an edge with prospective employers.

A Yale Dropout Learns

A decision to graduate high school early was a risky move for Ivan Murkoff. Not only did he struggle with an executive-level science project at the age of 17, but his third-period teacher fired him shortly before Christmas.

Ivan received an acceptance into Yale University and promptly withdrew from his high school after a wonderful first day at the famous university. He had no confidence in his academic ability and enrolled in a community college. After being a bus driver for 12 years, Ivan enrolled in TruNews. There he took the Learning Aid 101 course and began building a resume that would prove his education was no fluke.

After graduating from TruNews, Ivan started a career with an advertising agency. He was lucky enough to be selected to be a judge in a contest involving a company he worked for that was purchasing a video festival. A winning entry was entered, and Ivan was selected as one of three judges. He was selected to go to New York City as a freelance judge.

Online Learning Healed Ivan’s Heartbreak

TruNews was happy Ivan was using the course and supported him. After six weeks, Ivan learned he had been selected to compete in the Austin Film Festival, which was held earlier this year. Ivan could compete against more than 1,000 entry categories. He won the top award.

In contrast to Ivan’s experience, Natasha is less than 30 years old and has a professional background in the business world. After six years with a fashion label, Natasha withdrew from her MBA program at Berkeley. She has no working familiarity with the online learning world, but she is very interested in learning.

Ivan and Natasha attended the Excelsior Summer Institute. The institute uses an immersive methodology and uses webcams for the education. Natasha is a very early comer in online learning, but Ivan has been part of TruNews’s team for the past three years. He has over one million pages of learning, and he believes it’s the future of how information can be taught.

An Update on TruNews’s Insider Guru

As Ivan and Natasha worked on their resume’s and websites, TruNews worked on their process for how people would be using their online learning in the future. The learning process is based on their insider knowledge of today’s market. They realized that people don’t use online learning as a replacement for their classes. A person can’t forget about when they complete an online course, and you don’t want to use online learning to replace community and classroom learning.

TruNews’s focus on giving students more online learning without necessarily offering professional assistance is an idea that is spreading. Due to the negative stigma and energy around online learning, traditional universities, career organizations, and educational institutions like TruNews are working to reinvent the way that people learn.

TruNews is pioneering what is arguably the most important concept of modern-day learning: the quality of your training at the hands of live teachers with interaction and feedback.

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