What Else Can A Company Call Their Online Learning Center

First there was “Big.Brand.

Yesterday, I had a chance to learn about one of the coolest online learning technologies around and it’s just about to take hold in tens of thousands of schools.

The answer, of course, is CyberCoders. Founded in 2012 by Martin Zerblis, CyconSource, before it was CyconSource, Webtutor.com, and before that Duke University, CyconSource is a company that provides online technology, engineering, and design training. CyconSource has a flagship online platform, Cycon® Online, a fully online and cloud-based education and assessment platform. It offers over 15,000 self-paced courses to over 1.5 million students worldwide through a proprietary education management system that has been validated by numerous university and online industry partners.

To make a short story long, CyconSource’s flagship online platform was recognized as the “best business management web-learning platform” at the EContent Awards in Paris, France. It was also the first US company to be nominated for this prestigious award. CyconSource was one of only 10 companies worldwide to receive this award.

CyconSource, as it is known in its industry, was created as a subsidiary of the online coursemaker, Ellucian, through a merger, and is using Ellucian’s virtual technology platform. The platform is the foundation for the online platforms from 26 partner institutions that will be providing CyconSource’s online courses to learners worldwide. The diverse list of partnerships include Johns Hopkins University, the University of Notre Dame, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Princeton University, University of California-Berkeley, Cornell University, Carnegie Mellon University, the Sorbonne, the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, and many more.

CyconSource will now offer the cyberCoders platform as a wide range of online courses via a cloud-based technology platform.

The industry is moving fast and the barriers for entry in education are non-existent.

A recent investigation found more than one in five individuals that were eligible to work legally in the U.S. under the country’s H-1B visa program didn’t even apply for it, or didn’t apply when they were invited for interviews.

CyberCoders will, however, have a unique revenue model offering a comprehensive package that includes offline certification and delivery as well as fully online delivery of learning.

Martin Zerblis, CEO, CyconSource, explains more about the industry opportunities in the following quote.

Clearly, the challenge is to raise awareness and wider acceptance for courses. From our point of view, with the anticipated growth of online education, and having partners including elite institutions, a robust business model is needed. While the cost of an online course is lower, it still has costs which need to be budgeted into any tuition plan and where they can be paid by means of a credit card. Digital technology has increased flexibility at lower costs, and schools can also use this technology for free.

Open online learning remains a nascent business with much potential. The U.S. government is even considering the official recognition of Open Education Solutions (OES) provider courses developed by non-profits, and these providers are responsible for over 100 million student hours of study and offered across 15,000 courses.

When asked what the future of online learning looked like in CyberCoders, Martin Zerblis replied, “The open Internet, the digital platform, and open cloud is essentially the future of online learning, but there is still a lot of room for innovation and for students to not be limited by physical locations. With this in mind, however, we are preparing to use our partner institutions, together with other partner institutions and multi-national companies, to help both student and universities worldwide. This will mean a significantly expanded and efficient curriculum.”

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