What Does Tie Mean In Online Learning

The first question is usually how the word “tie” is defined on the other side of the coin. The answer to the first question is “as a matter of fact, tie is a gamification term, which means that the game environment shows you how to perform a specific skill.

What Does Tie Mean In Online Learning

Online learning can improve student’s performance and dramatically reduce post-secondary student debt, according to the National Student Clearinghouse. But a new report found that even though students are benefitting from a lot of online learning, the top universities with the most online education are also the ones with the best reputation. If you’re looking to find a great online college or university, here are some things to consider.

The Importance of the Brand

Consumers can look at rankings from U.S. News and World Report to help them get an idea of which schools have been rated the highest in the country, but the school’s reputation is not the only factor that can factor into student satisfaction, according to an online learning executive and The Chronicle of Higher Education.

“We’re not afraid to take chances. We don’t discriminate,” said John Brooks, executive vice president of student services at Drexel University, a major online learning university in Pennsylvania. Drexel University is a network of several college and university schools, and has about 40,000 students. They choose to take two to three online classes every semester. He said online learning departments, and not just the professors, are in charge of determining the best online course format, content and test administration options.

Drexel University has recently created a fully online associate’s degree, and plans to be a fully online college within the next 10 years. Brooks is confident Drexel will be an online institution with strong connections and culture for at least one year after an online student graduates.

For online students at other top schools, it depends on what types of classes they’re taking and who the professors are, according to Barry Corbett, president of The New School in New York City. The current theme is “ability-based,” with the best schools planning for courses based on a student’s skill-level.

“You’re taking an array of courses that start off requiring quite a bit of the same skill sets that an MBA student would require,” Corbett said. “It’s about tapping your own inner potential and abilities.”

Corbett said campuses should find ways to extend the online course scheduling and learning process, whether it’s throughout the semester, from one month to two months, or a semester just for the best and brightest students. He said online learning departments are going to need to work more closely with alumni, alumni families and faculty to develop goals, peer groups and take advantage of various resources.

“You need a whole new mindset from the student,” Corbett said. “It has to be more interactive.”

The Peer Support System

Online learning can help boost success rates in other ways, beyond just improving grades and ranking, according to Michael M. Freakin’ French, the founder of Educational Innovation Consulting Inc. The Educational Innovation Consulting Inc. has created an online tool to help schools that are learning through the internet identify special needs in their online learning programs.

He said online colleges or universities that focus on outcomes that can have big impact on student success and value are those that focus on peer support. Peer support is the idea that the faculty has a strong connection with the students and understands what they’re going through.

“Anybody can say, ‘oh, it’s this thing and that thing.’ But when you ask a student what really drove their decision about the school, what matters are the things that matter to students in a peer group,” French said.

Going to a university or college for a specialized degree or specialized area is a big deal to a student, especially if they have already decided they want to go into the field. Peer support is something a school has to consider.

“If you’re a public university, in the traditional sense, then a real development on the part of the school is peer connection,” French said. “On the other hand, you can turn the whole thing off, and you can do the traditional stuff,” he said. “I wouldn’t do that.”

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