What Does The Term Asynchronous Referred To In Online Learning?

The term here is SoDe, a telecommunications technology that has long been used in video conferencing.

Last week, I interviewed founder of FastTrac (I believe) Derek Levchenko. In that conversation, we delved into a variety of topics including unique education thought processes, balancing investment as an entrepreneur, and even what he thinks technology can give us.

The following section was taken from that interview.

Discussing timeliness, technology, and needs to compete against the big companies with the big names is what I enjoyed most about this interview. How does his company’S model have the ability to compete with those with large corporates?

What’s the core value proposition to the customer? What’s the pain point the customer has?

His model is unique in the sense that students receive a full diploma from a traditional college. With this model, the entire process of completing credits and gaining entry into the workforce doesn’t feel like a burden. That load of required time was reduced to five weeks to complete a degree. Rather than taking the opportunity to earn an academic degree, FastTrac focuses on unlocking another stepping stone that helps students achieve their education and to find employment. How does FastTrac take the issue of time and try to improve on it?

Are times less than what colleges tell students is relevant to get an education? With a series of classes that students need to complete to transfer to other colleges in the real world, how do you explain the value to students?

And then how does a corporate compete in the marketplace?

FastTrac is focusing on the real-world of workforce development, not just helping the education of college students. The focus is on helping workers stay employed and growing their wages, and taking advantage of that provides an advantage for all. How is the main difference seen in the workforce that is being served by FastTrac compared to the workforce that is being served by others?

In an ideal world, we would have both working to create a better job market. With FastTrac, the way we operate to gain employment for students is different than how traditional training institutions operate. Every semester students have a four week probationary period before they can apply for employment at a new company. The question that we ask students is, if you were guaranteed a job, what qualifications would you need?

How much money do you want to earn? How quickly do you want to make it? And what are the economic pressures? It helps future students understand that this course is something that is going to open up their options. Does this not make the traditional student school feel like it offers limited value?

“The combination of the world-class tutoring and customized online work keeps up with modern workplace demands.”

– FastTrac Founder Derek Levchenko

In addition to that, the company does very little on their end to try to influence employers. There is no requirement for a company to match the salary. Instead, they will pay you based on the promise that you will be getting your education for employment.

FastTrac does not try to make companies see them as a competitor with traditional schools. There are some advantages to do so, but there is no need to mess with something that has great value to students as well as employers. That said, a company like FastTrac is effective for in creating a human resource department to compete with other companies. The way FastTrac works with a company is to convince them that they will be producing qualified people who can benefit the bottom line.

In our live show, you can learn more about FastTrac’s vision as well as some things that might be under your radar if you are working in a large corporation. How fast is he going to scale? Can their model work with large corporates? Is AI a game changer? What about virtual reality? Have you watched a lot of the reports from Wells Fargo of late? Can that company work with FastTrac?

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