What Does Opm Stand For Online Learning

The biggest web-based learning company in the US is Amazon.com.

What does online learning stand for?

The future of online learning is being decided and debated daily as the for-profit, non-profit and endowment model all compete to dominate.

If you’ve been paying attention, you know the two major players in this “A.I. Growth Story” are Coursera and edX, which are both online distance learning and consortium partners.

Both of these digital giants, originally created by universities to teach, learn and market to students without having to build campuses or even a physical space, have spent many billions of dollars on infrastructure. They have hired top talent and now compete with each other for investment dollars. The only constant is change and chaos – everything is new to every student, student cohort, and instructor.

This pattern has happened over and over with every other “comparison” between traditional and online based learning.

There are some stand-out standards for why online learning has worked and others that have been highly challenged. The first is that online learning brings an inevitable change in learning curve to online learners. Over the years, I have been a freshman and graduate both online and from a bricks and mortar school. One of the challenges I faced was getting noticed by professors who just didn’t know me or how to help me in my learning process. As online learners, every moment we spend offline is consumed by student-to-student interaction and problem solving.

The second challenge is the level of knowledge and understanding that students have developed. Some students think they have the requisite skills and knowledge that a traditional university degree would take. Online learners, however, tend to have less “B.S.” and more “T.S.” (Skill set) and “M.S.” (Mathematics).

We are constantly building at LMC, and continuing to gain knowledge through online practice and competition in not only what we teach, but who we teach, and how we teach.

What’s next? What does online learning stand for, as I see it?

Most online students graduate and leave online learning, as usual, with lower grade point averages than their classroom-based classmates. As an educator, this is frustrating to me because we can try to teach students how to do this, but our best methods don’t always connect with their formative learning experience.

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