What Does Online Control Mean In Motor Learning

Online education is changing how we learn. One business is seeing a lot of growth by introducing hardware and software systems that allow learning through textbooks.

The general understanding when it comes to retail and consumers in general is there is a vast difference between trying a product in person and buying it online. This is reinforced through the pricing, buying time, shipping methods, etc. There is actually a great deal of truth to that, although putting those assumptions aside what can be done with an online purchase can be drastically different. We set out to interview a seasoned workshop leader and veteran of online worlds, Tony Hardiman, to explore how and where and why he is choosing to use the online world as a tool in his therapy sessions for patients. Tony may appear to be a guy in a dark suit, but for the most part he has been practicing and promoting the art of transforming dark and torturous families into light ones.

What are some examples of how online communication uses the dark and torturous families into a light one?

There is a huge difference between “backstage” and “home field.” For example, I do NOT want my father, a murderer, and his ongoing treatment through the VA to be first and foremost in my mind. It is my job to make sure my father is able to live an empowered and fulfilling life. I am using technology to get his life on track before he leaves this earth because I love him so much and I don’t want him to be left in a sad and deadbed existence.

How are your appointments different to see?

Due to the fact that I work as a Clinical Supervisor for Tradespeople and Home Care Workers, I get to see clients at the homes where they live. In the past I used to see families once a month to start with, but now after a few months of therapy I’m seeing them more often as I help them improve their clients’ homes with a professionally trained quality home care worker.

How does online and home communication for therapy work?

Due to the fact that the therapists and coaches exist within the clients’ homes and are very embedded in their daily lives, they cannot be interrupted. So I do not have to wait until I’m halfway through a session to speak with my father and his military and criminal justice brethren. I can speak to them right then. And I just need to do it in two minutes by using technology instead of interrupting my clients so often.

How has this affected your psychology?

I have been using online communication and technology since 2002 and I have always been in a therapist’s office. The joy in connecting to our family and friends via technology as a way to reach people who are usually in different locations because of work and travel to promote healing is unparalleled to anything I’ve seen before. This will enhance my short term and long term therapy abilities. My clinicians have said to me that they can see not only my level of engagement and engagement with my clients, but also a new and improved way of utilizing technology to work with clients. What we see now is that there is no time anymore to pause for breathing and a place to say something to show empathy or express concern. Each step is cleared and available to the patient when they need it. It’s a time-saving device, not a conflict-ending one.

With technology like Skype, Siri, etc., does it affect a therapist’s practice?

I am thankful every day for my phone and the new technology that has come my way. And I’m learning to utilize new features on my phone every day. An example is my use of Siri for reporting ongoing issues I may have with my clients. I can call and have them on the phone right away to address the issues immediately.

What can we look forward to as an interactive reality?

I have focused mostly on talking to my clients and not being directly involved in what is going on in my home. As I am getting the voice in my clients’ phones and watches, I see the possibilities that are there. I see just how easy and fun it will be to make calls to my clients or to talk about new clients. I just imagine a world where I am in a studio or the basement of my house during a therapy session and someone else is sitting on a couch in another room talking about me and my therapy practice and life. It is happening right now in an online world.

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