What Do You Call Classroom Hours In Online Learning

If you work long hours, you most likely have regular, full-time class hours (but that’s not quite how we defined them in elementary school.).

What Do You Call Classroom Hours In Online Learning

Whether you’re already an online college student or you’re still green with learning, here’s a big one: what are Classroom Hours, and how are they different from online coursework?

A while back, I received a funny message from my institution’s residence halls coordinator explaining that on a given day in a given quarter, all students were to be sure to be there when the first group of residents walked up those steps.

Duh! I did the math. Three, four, six, seven, eight! I get it—on any given day, at any given time, the Department of Admissions, Human Resources, Campus Activities, and any of the many other offices within a college or university exist to serve our on-campus residents. But what about our online-only students?

(On a side note, I could do this math for other times within a school year or even for one entire quarter. So, yes, living in a residence hall provides you with some regular hours, but for years, I’ve lived in a luxury condo, so that may be even more frequent than College Nights.)

Well, guess what, dear virtual student. There are specific periods when the on-campus institution actually calls out to its virtual community. That’s right.

While everyone else is attending a school service event, you’re there waiting for your English Literature elective course to return to class. At 9:30 p.m., the Science and Technology department is announcing the end of its evening e-learning events. And, although your early-morning biology instructor isn’t kidding around, all the while you’re working to ensure you’ve got enough time to finish up the long, long night’s work.

Welcome to university online, sister. It may sound like a quick way to get a semester up and running without actually going anywhere—but first, you have to get your student on the email list for that special class. And, keep an eye out for those official University email alerts that let you know when a class is suddenly coming back on.

Now, part of that same University email address was also your orientation email, so we probably also have a couple-hundred-word note up there about the housing waiting list, the current campus traffic, and whattowear. But online is all about blending and communicating, so in typical “you know things are important when you hear from The School” way, those brief notelets get converted into emailable documents that are sent to everyone on campus.

But don’t worry—it’s all for your benefit, obviously. Because, though a student can’t always get face-to-face interaction at school, it helps to know ahead of time when a particular class is back so you can make sure you’ll be available to the student before that class is taught.

Know what I mean? Online learning has become a two-way street, if you will.

So what is online class time? The term came from the ACT, which asked students what they called class periods before they stopped using the term “classroom.”

Call it what you will, but in the event of an actual 10 p.m. study session for new college students, it’s more likely to be a few hours working out strategies for a final, or watching one of their favorite TV shows, rather than stepping outside and talking to friends.

No doubt, after all of this time, I’ll make sure you check those email messages when one of your particular classes is on.

And I’ll promise not to do things like telling students how to get student loans.

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