What Do Students Need In An Online Learning Environment?

Brush up on what an online learning environment is and how students can participate in these type of programs.

Most schools offer online courses that your student might attend. It is not always necessary to be right on campus, even for college or university students. For example, many high school students attend virtual schools during the summer. In the summer, schools offer many programs through their online platforms. One of the challenges that has been posed for many high school students attending virtual schools is how much of an experience to expect for classes. When you attend virtual school, you might wonder what the experience would be like, so what is the best online education environment.

A traditional classroom setting

The classroom setting of a traditional high school or college is good for all kinds of classes. There is almost no need to be in a college or university class like an English or calculus class because some students will opt for off-site classes. So for you to take this class, you might have to go into a classroom.

The fact that you might be able to work, or go home at night and study, does not mean that you will enjoy the class the same way you would if you attended a traditional classroom setting. Another problem with working during class time and getting distracted is that it does not give you a chance to talk to the professor and encourage him/her and make him/her understand what you have to say.

If you are attempting a class that requires writing for the most part, you need to ask the professor to help you to learn it. Another question that might arise is: will your teacher be willing to hear your feedback from his/her class? If a specific assignment that is given to your class is too hard for you to complete it, or you do not understand it, the teacher might not be able to help you out. Instead, you might feel uncomfortable because your teacher is not willing to hear from you in this area.

Are online programs safe?

If you are going to go to a traditional classroom class, it is necessary that you do your best to keep any form of student identity, if any, out of the classroom. Otherwise, your teachers and classmates might have the option to view your Facebook or Twitter account, and based on what you were saying about them, some might even have the opportunity to find out that you were even in their class before you knew about it.

If your Facebook or Twitter account was included in the online application, there is a chance that that information might still be there when your social media account is deleted. It might also be possible that the teacher who is assigned to your class will look at the Facebook account or your Twitter account. This can cause someone to recognize that you are a student of the online school.

What other issues might arise with a virtual classroom?

Parents and students might also face the problem of online students not being able to practice in their classrooms with the members of their group that are not computer literate. The fact that the time frame and deadlines that need to be met for the completion of the homework can sometimes be difficult to stick to. Also, if some or all of the assignments had to be completed on Fridays, students might not be able to come in on Fridays and finish on their days off.

What about socializing?

For some students, the time difference is such that they do not have a lot of time to spend outside of the classroom in social activities. Students might not always know their classmates very well. So, they could be tempted to get their friends together to socialize, only to be later embarrassed by the student that your friends date. Many students might find it difficult to have discussions with their classmates because their work might not be kept up to a certain level.

A real classroom

If the classroom that you are going to attend is a real classroom, the facilitator will be always there to help you with any problem. If you want to have discussions in class, you would get a chance to do that. Students who are in a real classroom will be able to go on, watch television, and walk away from the classroom without having to worry about being rude or difficult.

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