What Do Research Studies Tend To Confirm About Online Learning? Quizlet

This quizlet will give you a science lesson in Twitter questions. How many correct answers can you get to unlock those shocking conclusions?

Make sure you’re buying the right reading program! Quizlet, a text-based questions and answers app, is valued at more than $100 million. The program has been established in over 20 countries and over 100 million users have added quizzes to bring life into their busy schedules. Most of Quizlet’s content is created in-house, and users get “360 degrees of content” when they purchase a subscription to the app. They can even control the timing of when they answer each question. (In fact, it’s a challenge to fully unlock “360 degrees of content” and read all quizzes at the same time.)

Quizlet uses a variety of metrics to accurately track all the questions and answers that users offer — questions are marked up with appropriate images and sizes, and yes, they’re all typed at 10 lines per word. Users can also keep track of their reading progress by having real-time stats at their fingertips. While the app claims that this leveling-up period is “optimized to help you maximize your reading experience,” since they’re looking at how long you can read a question, they’re also measuring how effective you are. (Did you answer that question correctly?)

After you’ve given your answer, Quizlet questions go through a few different processes in the app. First, the word has to be uploaded to Quizlet’s servers. It takes a little while, and, after a few minutes, the result is added to your memory. The second step is to launch your app and move the word to your favorite page. Once you’ve completed your quiz, you can let your friends know — or read the answers on your own.

Here’s an example of a quiz done in one of Quizlet’s iPhone apps.

To find the exact quiz a user has already done, one type of quiz they can choose is to get the same word in a different language. To do this, open up your app, scroll down, and start typing in the in-app translation tool — switch to a different language by tapping the tiny boxes that appear. I’m not sure why you would want to take a foreign language Quizlet in a free-to-use app, but I can see the purpose in saving all those facts for later use. To keep tabs on your screen time, you can set a limit to reading questions.

While you can access every question in one’s reading comprehension history, certain questions are technically classified as ECR questions, and users can’t compare their answers to anyone else’s stats. This is because using Quizlet as a supplemental tool for reference can also be distracting from the primary purpose of the app: learning a subject matter.

It’s good to know that Quizlet has been around for more than a decade, although the program was originally started in 2001, so the team has definitely seen its share of growth since then. The app’s latest feature is partnership with Facebook, which lets users share their quizzes on Facebook. The two companies will also work together to promote the app on Facebook’s pages, which reach approximately two billion people.

As one Quizlet critic says, even though the app’s premise is founded on research, it’s been “deceptively sneaky” about its own data, as the app relies on users to give it information on the size and location of their phones so the company can create graph information about its users, and the sorts of questions they’re good at answering, and the type of questions they struggle with, rather than analyzing your words. I think Quizlet could start to create some real-world conclusions if it saw all this data come in — I wonder if it’s already building that.

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