What Do Professional Developers Think Of Online Schools For Learning

Online learning is used a lot in the technology industry but how do programmers like you feel about it? A survey conducted by Onboarding found they find it beneficial for students.

What Do Professional Developers Think Of Online Schools For Learning

Many new companies are starting up with the goal of making it possible for students to get college-level education online. The only problem is, there are just too many startups. Each with their own approach and different goals, with costs escalating almost daily. But what are the skills taught here that can’t be taught in a classroom, and how do they measure up against the costs of a traditional college education?

While nearly all of these companies focus on gaining enrollment and helping students to complete their classes, a few are also looking to further a student’s career. So in that case, what is it like to take a job in the tech field?

LinkedIn and The Big & Bright Partner Up

Forbes posted a story on a new venture called The Big & Bright this week.

The startup helps you identify people who might be a good match for you.

They are working with LinkedIn to create personalized match profiles that match skills and demographic information.

Since they are in both business and the world of education, LinkedIn serves as an excellent source of candidates. And in doing so, all of those students who think that they are interested in tech fields can get access to the job market without having to worry about the upfront costs of a campus experience.

Instagram Has The Number 1 Classroom Testimonial

A video, posted on Oct. 25, 2019 by Mentor , showed 2 students learning about the industry through video tutorials that are available at Mentor’s site. They now look to have won over one of the top business media portals in the country.

“We haven’t set out to create top Pinterest posts. Mentor is a student-run project. But with the help of a teacher who created more than 80 video lessons on how to become a better account executive, we have grown our audience to 200,000 users and have had nearly 500,000 views and 1,200 engagement posts,” Mentor student guide Kameshka Dixie writes on their blog.

While their original goal was to solve a global problem, they now want to build a brand that makes them a go-to site for students wanting to start their careers in the tech industry.

One of the videos they have posted is of the instructor giving his own perspective on learning.

“Learning is fun, you get to do more things. It’s an approach to education. Even if you get frustrated, a teacher can teach you the method and it’s something you can do over and over again, whether it’s a work lesson or a day-learning activity,” says the instructor, who also narrates the video.

A different, complementary story came out of Chicago, however.

Skillshare, an online platform that is focused on offering classes, just announced that they have raised $10 million to expand their offerings and continue helping users learn while saving time and money.

Their courses range from creating custom cocktails, woodworking skills to creating over 100 virtual practice projects.

Skillshare is a big part of their platform that also includes their own platform for publishers who wish to sell their content to users. Since about 10 percent of their users are paying members, these publishers have an incentive to raise the value of their content to put more content out there, helping subscribers learn while also enjoying more content from other publishers.

But there are more than just ones to choose from when it comes to the online learning platform market. There are many other startups that are also starting to pop up, with the goal of catering to students who are looking to get an education outside of the traditional college environment.

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