What Do Learning Online And Lerning In Textbooks Have In Common

Kerouac cannot hate. He does not dislike learning, but neither does he read every book he can.

What Do Learning Online And Lerning In Textbooks Have In Common

Who knew that regular textbooks were really a violation of IELTS ethics? Either that or the IELT people are just too boring to believe that students pay a $45 fee every year for their questionable advice on the art of social studies. Anyways, college students are bored AF. If they had a backup option, perhaps better yet, they would have chosen to take online tutorials on reading literature instead of paying for multiple copies of a book they will never use again.

Anyway, during the semester, we end up lugging around massive books so that we can finish the lessons that we skipped over so that we can stick with our coursework, as well as just to keep up with the new classes and making sure we do not screw up our professors, even if we barely got through the previous one. It’s tiring and we need breaks to be creative and aimless. Over the years I have purchased several books based on my interests, however, the ones that have stuck the most with me and give me the biggest payoffs are the ones that I didn’t learn anywhere else. I was working for the Huffington Post when they began encouraging bloggers to submit blog posts for its yearly book giveaway. I thought of one of my favorite books, one that got me through my business class, and uploaded it.

Before I transferred to Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, my local Public Library was my student fiction center. I remembered that I had read this paragraph in one of the three books in her collection:

Janet Bonville’s journey through literature isn’t the only one that illustrates the vital need for the book: novels and short stories tell the story of diverse people, yet they all unify. Placed in the role of a narrator, their words punctuate the pages in a way that pools images into great collages, a story with music and design, but not one without emotion.

It did not take long for my parents to send me my own copy of this favorite book! I borrowed it at night and eventually all three members of my family owned it. The desk where the trash and paper is thrown away, is where my parents kept their copy of Complicity. It’s strange that I started reading it just a year ago and it has since become an important part of my book collection, an investment in my education. I remember that when I got the book, my class discussed this quote from it and I learned the life lessons behind it:

If someone is thinking and struggling in a difficult moment, how could they possibly know that the task ahead, confronting it, will be an easier one? The challenge, such as it is, can soon drown in itself.

The status of this book in my mind had already changed, though, to remember that along with the trash bin, I had another junk pile. After I moved from my childhood home in Elgin, I had to add a new item to my decluttering to-do list: adapt my Tumblr account to my new surroundings. While I picked out the old pictures of my childhood for the new Tumblr account, I still kept the old ones on the trash pile. What I missed in that different area was the experience of being asked to rewrite a paragraph that I did not even feel was one I needed to rewrite. In doing this, the trash pile provided for me a time-out that was completely without judgement or concern for what would or would not be as well for me. Sometimes I had to take a moment to write out a review on an old Tumblr post that could not be seen by anyone except me; otherwise I would have probably just forgotten it.

I was reminded of this writing time-out while I was reading Modern History: A Journal of Western Civilization online in the Fall. We were reading about a famine that was occurring in ancient Greece during its second Renaissance. Though this form of history looks dated, it still tells us a lot about the lives and struggles of Greece’s people. During this writing, I was inspired to rewrite a passage about the trials and troubles of many Greek males:

The army has no explanation for his situation, his position is by no means safe. The rebels from as far as Albania are convinced of his innocence and his fate in this respect, only each to his own, as they say, seeing him as a philosopher. If it does not turn out worse, he will tell of his trial, if it does turn out worse, then it will not be so, but if it does, he must declare that there have been misdeeds on all sides.

Going on, I recall the scroll on this scroll that contained these last words. The scroll only had one more sentence:

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