What Colledge For My 18 Year Old Gradulate To Do Online He Has A Learning Disability

Yes, there are jobs. Those jobs pay for college classes.

What Colledge For My 18 Year Old Gradulate To Do Online He Has A Learning Disability

How has your life changed after the birth of your children?

For me, motherhood changed my life on every level. When I had my first child, I had to expand my role to include mommy, assistant, computer tech, babysitter, cook, planner, copier to pull up numbers, doctor for some vaccines, and even bedtime organizer. Then, my second baby came and the list expanded still further—accountant, friend to babysitter, a temporary doctor at the hospital, dental schedule, culinary-equipment maker, lunch lady, and secretary for very busy little ones. Having both kids two days apart and by no means under the best circumstances gave me plenty of evenings free of my day, thanks to strong and supportive friendships. But those friendships take time to cultivate and it can become a space to experiment. I have found that having had an 18-year-old graduate took me out of the Baby Land routine and allowed me to experiment a little more. I found it meant establishing a schedule for me and my boys and that I was taking some risks trying new things.

How have you changed your life after graduating college?

Like so many of my fellow women who are parents, life changes exponentially as you become a parent. For me, I had moved through the stages of what my life would look like when I had kids—a 30-hour week of full-time work, six hours of part-time work, and two kids at home. The self-employment turned into the five-day work week. I enjoyed each step of the way, but then the beast that was actually raising two kids took over, and it wasn’t something I was prepared for.

When my son graduated, everything changed dramatically. Now he was taking real jobs as a chef and in residential real estate. I work a few days each week as an analyst for the online business network for parents and offer educational opportunities at my company. And also, in an ongoing effort to make college more attainable for my son, I am a graduate advisor for a residential bank and have offered my expertise in fundraising for mentorship programs. These changes are things I never could have imagined when I graduated from college in 2000. Now we are eight years into our first decade as parents, and I am just as excited about what life has to offer us now as I was at the beginning.

How does your dad make you feel accomplished?

As a parent, there is a common thread that runs through so many parents—it’s about wanting to teach your kids self-confidence. My dad, who is self-deprecating at every turn, is full of stories about his difficulty in getting laid when he was single, of the difficulties he faced in building friendships, and of how he never really experienced what growing up felt like for his sisters, because they all wed early and had families by the time they were ready to pursue their own. My dad’s story is one of very few that all men hear in the course of their lifetimes and makes me laugh every time I hear it. Dad, who became the biggest sports fan I have ever known and a budding comedian, also makes me feel good about myself.

Do you find it stressful having to keep your hands and mind on your child?

I’ve heard other women say that being a parent is a huge adjustment and that the responsibility is more stressful than they expected. I never once went into motherhood expecting that it would be like juggling all the pieces of my life at once. I did feel worried about the in-between years, but I didn’t think they would be so chaotic. I didn’t. In fact, I was able to get over the initial baby phase with a lot of help from our family and friends, and I can honestly say that the more chaos we went through, the more fun life became.

Who is your go-to lawyer, or go-to mother, for advice?

I am lucky to have many friends who have a great deal of experience with being a parent and I trust each of them to give me good advice. For me, I feel the most comfortable being honest with my mom and asking her about what it’s like to be a mom, so I like to keep those lines of communication open.

Advice from a friend or lover that would help you raise your kids?

I love getting advice from people who love and care about me. Just give me someone who has kids and I will be excited to hear their perspective.

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