What Carrier Collages Does Florida Accept For Childcare Ass Online Distance Learning

On Saturday the U.S.

On April 19, 2018, after an investment of about a billion dollars, Florida finally had one functioning F-35 aircraft. This, you will note, was accomplished without having one F-35 there in the first place, or the Lockheed Martin Jupiter F-35 as the state calls it. Nor were they the only jet unseaters to achieve that feat: They were followed by the Finns, Belgians, Germans, Americans, Spanish, Canadians, Turkish, British, Australians, and Chinese. It was a moment of vindication for all those countries, and especially the United States, that essentially invented the aviation and military worlds. And that large slice of the world works best for families who want parents to “support” them while they are at work, working, or training for a certain job. This, at least, is the American way. In short, if money is no object, the United States can usually be trusted to come up with some way to provide childcare while still maintaining the military industrial complex.

Enter Trump. Given his vocal hostility to women and his Neanderthal view of the job of President, Florida governor Rick Scott, who according to Politico is already on the short list to take Trump’s place in 2020 if he can’t beat the rap on being involved in criminal enterprise involving prostitutes in Argentina, was disinclined to provide any daycare services for families working on F-35s. The standoff ended by way of a senatorial compromise, though they were needed. Scott announced that $3 million would be available in military construction funds to provide childcare in Florida for up to 90,000 military families. He also reportedly agreed to implement a statewide 1.5 percent cut in wages for childcare workers in order to make up for the lack of funds.

This was, after all, in place before the F-35s.

Florida is already home to F-35 production and assembly. “They ship every plane that they build to Florida for assembly,” Graham Barfield, a spokesperson for the F-35 program, told Politico. That’s about 47,000 F-35s. According to the Military Times, Lockheed-Martin’s proposed budget for Florida would actually increase its F-35 production from 500 in 2018 to 617 in 2022. There are also plans for some 1000 F-35s to be sold to South Korea, whose people will surely be glad to have as many family members in uniform as possible to keep them from feeling too pangs of guilt.

According to Politico, a 1.5 percent cut to salaries could cost “about $8 million in pay.” It’s a pain the state government can hardly afford these days. The figure is, however, small compared to the wages that Trump could have been blithely sworn into office with $25 million he can name-rop every day in Congress, without needing to explain his motives or ask a single question about his agenda or priorities. That would have been cruel punishment for Florida and the other 190 states that refused to sign off on Trump’s plan to end health coverage of pre-existing conditions, his assault on federal protections for people with preexisting conditions, the continued pouring of billions into cutting taxes for the most fortunate among us. And, never mind that thousands of men, women, and children have lost their lives to preventable disease in the last few years. The president would rather save the lives of others by saving money, because the more money he has, the more potential votes. He doesn’t seem to care that their mission in life — to work, to earn a living — requires that they be in toiling in service to their family, all while still being a danger to themselves and to others. He does care, though, about protecting money: It’s an ego fix. You can spend $25 million or you can spend $30,000.

The benefit of fathers being in the loop is obvious. But Florida’s governor (who is not running for president) does not trust his own sons to be strong enough for the job of playing a large part in defending the world. He is giving big jobs to companies he knows will keep the dollars flowing. But it doesn’t matter what the governor says. All the governors know that men need to spend big cash to earn big bucks. This is a country that arranges the rent by letting owners pay someone else the rent. In Florida, the system moves from political to political-economic disaster.

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