What Can You Do In Class To Correct The Conflict Of Learning Online Material

Massive changes on the Internet that are changing how we study. In order to succeed, schools and teachers need to continuously revise the material they are offering online.

I recently read the Cook Off at Rock Paper Scissors taught in class with my deans at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This Cook Off and its concept has been in use for years at our school. My school followed a rigorous curriculum but I am sorry that any student was exposed to a material that some people consider “gross” or outdated.

I was thoroughly enraged to be in a situation where, for example, a student is given a chance to call a fellow student into the office, and that student can very well be made to feel that he or she is sexist. This could have a bad impact on the relationship between student and teacher, or student and student. This and other incidents in the Cook Off could be leading to the potential of students becoming the target of sexual harassment, whether or not it is sexually motivated.

What, I want to know, can I do when I am in the middle of class and need to defend students against material that they find offensive or problematic?

My point is not to sound defensive, it is to be proactive

While we should not change the content of curricula, we should consider including works that addresses social issues in our classroom. We do not need to lecture about current events, we just need to provide material to work on to understand the meaning of the cultural context. Every student needs to be challenged. While I do not feel that a liberal arts education teaches us how to identify sexism or racism, but we can show students how to play a game that is aimed at aggression to where we can talk about the facts, even if they don’t agree with us.

My class at my school started with the Collins Chapter of the Mystical Relationship Process, with the instructions for a lesson on the nature of that. As I was working on the content and creating the question and answer about the phenomena and misperceptions about sex, I thought about my professional experience and used Chapter 7 to educate students about one of the many misconceptions about women. Chapter 7 is entitled, “Facts vs. Rumors,” and focuses on the idea that women are fearful of men from the very beginning of their existence and from the time they start hormone therapy until menopause.

One of the problems that I have noticed in my own research is that a lot of people focus solely on one issue, whether sexism or gender, as if this is just a female issue or problem. People treat it as a problem of gender but it is a problem of patriarchy. Ultimately, to move forward, we need to make progress in all areas.

One of the things I hear often in my classroom is, “I just can’t handle it.” This can be a critical lesson as you know that’s what we teach, but how many people really need help on this topic? Gender and sexism come into play all the time, not just at the dawn of someone’s life, but after they end it as well. This applies to different issues from overt sexism in a work environment, to ingrained and related gender attitudes, to public transportation in general.

Why do I bring this up in a mainstream class? In this day and age, public transportation in general, not just the buses, is not much fun to have fun on because when it comes to women, especially white women in particular, they are treated differently. I hear it from white middle class women, women of color, and white men. Obviously, this isn’t a one size fits all solution because there is still an active double standard, even among different races.

People who are judged based on their socioeconomic status in their life, like how little they make and who they know, are generally going to get treated differently from those who don’t have that privilege. People judge those who are just different and the consequences to that are well understood.

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