What Aspect Of Online Course Format Contributed To Meet Your Learning

Technology has played a role in the lives of many learners, both through education and self-education. It is never too late to learn new things, but it is often successful when a student’s chosen lifestyle really aligns with his/her academic path.

There is no denying the trend that technology and its inclusion into higher education is a factor influencing the landscape. Simply put, technology, rather than being a limiting factor, has become a helpful tool that does not hinder or interfere with a student’s ability to learn.

It is common to look at any online course and see the convenience of being able to go back and forth to finish it while attending a job or raising a family. Clearly, if you can’t be there in person and finish a course, then there are those who will not complete the course. This is just one part of the learning experience. There are other aspects of the learning experience that can be presented to a student that will help enhance their skills in terms of basic concepts, critical thinking, etc.

Here are a few lessons that were taught in online courses that may have helped you during your online learning journey.


One of the reasons why we love the environment of online learning is that you have an opportunity to show you can complete it. As we discussed in our last article, You Can Pay For Your Online Learning, this can be an important aspect to keep in mind. We are able to teach you how to finish a course, but we can also help you understand exactly how to complete it.

It is sometimes easy to just go to a great professor, and then tell her you have no problem. Be prepared to show the teacher that you have a little trouble with the material. Whether this problem is an unnatural time frame between lecture sessions or getting through a chapter. Let her know exactly what you need to complete and what you are trying to understand.


One of the biggest parts of any class or business is learning how to appreciate what you are learning. To do this, you are going to need to display appreciation. And there are really two ways to show it.

One way is to show appreciation by saying “thank you.” Tell the professor or the instructor that you appreciated this material. This is one way to show you actually are grateful to be studying this material. Do not make this a surprise. Do not say something like “So that’s it! I get it! Now what?” Of course there is a time and a place for this, but this is something you want to do every time you have a reason to say you appreciate the material.

The other way to show appreciation is by looking and seeing the transcript of the class or the paper you actually took. Then, go back and look at the paper and see if anything stood out to you. Make sure to stop and reread each section. Examine the grammatical mistakes and syntax problems that you might have missed. There are ways to show appreciation for the material, without actually going into the transcript to see what was missed in class.

These are the types of lessons you can take with you when you complete online courses. Be sure to take them and continue to watch the notes throughout your day. Do not miss a single point you missed. The teacher will read them back to you in a note, so do not let a slip-up go unnoticed.

What this demonstrates to the student is how important taking notes is. And it is something that is often neglected by people who are new to academia. This is an instance where taking notes in class is more important than you might think. If you do not make notes, the teacher may not know you are not paying attention because you are worried about missing something. It could open up the teacher to an error or some sort of reaction. And when the teacher makes mistakes, they often cost you points.

When it comes to online courses, remember to take note of what the instructor suggests. Do not mistake a mention for a recommendation. Teachers do not want you to skip over stuff and not follow them as much. This makes them look bad. You are better off following their recommendations and not getting in any trouble.


The key to success is taking notes. I can go ahead and say that I have never met anyone who has not been instructed, or at least told to take notes on an online course. This is how you are learning. It is a lot like taking notes when you were in class. It is the same learning experience, as you are not taking notes during a lecture. But it is time-tested for those who take notes in class.

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