What Are The Pros And Cons Of Online Learning

For anyone who wants a career or school has to have a degree. At this point, there are so many vassals and little schools that make the career easier.

By Willie Perkinson

When a child is very young, you rarely hear the word “learning” and “teaching” together. Maybe once a week, a wordsmith or author of a book might have a discussion about the importance of learning, but overall, there’s a notable disconnection between how parenting will talk about learning and how a child will learn. The same goes for the increasingly prevalent phenomenon of online learning. It is becoming more prevalent in schools and it is stimulating a constant and expanding awareness of our ability to learn more by the minute through a combination of computer tools, email, texts, phone calls, and Internet browsing. Some day, that is just as likely as attending brick-and-mortar classes.

However, the balance between technology and learning appears to be slipping. Fears have begun to arise among students and educators alike regarding the safety and privacy of our online self. At the same time, questions arise in the minds of adults and parents about the benefits of online learning. In talking with your children about the significant trends of online learning, do you make an issue of their online activity or reinforce the benefits of online education? Here are some potential pros and cons of online learning.


First, online learning provides a wide array of a wide array of experiences for young people. Students don’t have to go to school to see new subjects and teachers. However, these classes can often take a semester or year. Some schools will be considered “on-line only” which is beneficial for students who have only one subject that takes a semester. Students who never had to touch a computer before can create Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and live video chats. Even if you aren’t comfortable sending your children to class, having the convenience of a 9-5 job might mean more freedom in terms of computer usage.


Older students have the option of submitting homework online so that feedback can be instant and may be entered into a system at home, making it easier to respond. This is a better alternative to sending a PowerPoint presentation to a teacher or posting answers in an exam.

Third, digital grade books are being improved rapidly, becoming more robust and flexible while retaining the history of an online course. Parents can use online grade books to keep track of their kids’ grades, comparing them with the grades of a teacher they met for a visit in person. This technology does not replace the first grade teacher, but it makes our decision to send a child to school more streamlined and can make the everyday task of researching their school much easier.

Many schools are now offering child care programs that are completely digital. These classes will increase online learning, allowing children to have more opportunities. Some schools are also offering it as part of a summer program which provides various video conferencing rooms for students and parents, allowing them to better connect while not actually in the classroom.

It’s important to think carefully about whether your child is ready to have more responsibility online. Hopefully, your children are old enough to enjoy the flexibility that online learning provides. If not, contact your child’s school for an age and grade appropriate information package to provide some help in the decision.

LOUISE WESKETT is a Seattle mom of four and says she eats, sleeps, and breathes her kids! She is the founder of The B.E.A.T. Crew Mom Newsletter and Blog and Mommy Workout daily. You can follow her on Twitter @GlamorousKEBAB, on Facebook @B.E.A.T. Crew Mom, or on Instagram @B.E.A.T. Crew Mom.

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