What Are The Effective Concepts And Principles Of Adult Learning Online

Adult Learning is a powerful means of learning, right now. Here are the five traits of adult learning online that you can adopt.

What Are The Effective Concepts And Principles Of Adult Learning Online

Instead of working toward a degree at a traditional college, many adults today are taking up higher education online. Adults are choosing to learn how to be self-sufficient, self-confident, and independent at their own pace. To educate, them, organizations like Global Learning Connection have developed online methods and ideas for learning — specifically, for adult learners.

Digital Literacy

Students are moving away from textbooks and using more modern methods of learning, such as virtual classes, with learners citing digital literacy as the third reason for their interest in online learning. Digital literacy provides students with an online toolkit of material to develop an engaging, thought-provoking, and informative experience. This toolkit fosters connectedness and social responsibility, and helps students discover their own talents and talents and expand their interests into new areas. Not only do students benefit by learning new things, they also learn to connect with others and build positive relationships with other online learners. Digital literacy provides, not only to the individual, but also to the wider community.

Ability to Relax

Learning online also enables students to relax. One of the biggest complaints in educational settings is about students being stressed and overworked, but a study published in the Journal of Research in Human Development and on the Internet by the University of Illinois compared academic stress in college to stress in graduate student programs. They found that, as expected, undergraduate students in the same academic programs both increased their standard of living and educational achievement over the course of their undergraduate experience. In contrast, there was no correlation between the increased standard of living and increased academic achievement for grad students, while the depressed standard of living had no effect on the college students. In their study, they state, “We propose that the most salient degree of academic stress was among those completing graduate school. Although educators and the general public may have assumed that academic stress among undergraduates would peak and abate in the graduate programs, our analysis suggests that the opposite occurred.”

Emotional Wellness

Is it ever OK to be happy?! This may not be a new concept, but studies have demonstrated that learning an online course online can raise a student’s well-being. Although it may not be a coincidence that one of the most common stereotypes about adults is the “striving student” (described as a student who is always taking challenging tests and never having the time to relax), studies have shown that being a student online can offer the same benefits, even more so.

Psychological Benefits

Offering more beneficial emotional benefits may not be as universally associated with students using online learning, but they’re absolutely worth mentioning. In fact, studies have even found that millennials have a stronger bond with their peers because they’re able to talk with them online.

Smaller Classes and A Lesson Plan

Smaller classes allow participants to focus more on the information and teaching they’d otherwise miss out on. In addition, the online course can be broken up into more manageable classes, giving students the freedom to focus on specific topics. A less rigid learning plan allows students to learn on their own schedule and on their own time, in a way that minimizes interruptions and decreases burnout. Of course, participants are the ones who make the learning happen, and since they are the ones who want to be educated, it makes sense to work with them on the time and place that works best for them.

Increasing Personal Independence

According to the SAGE Institute, since employers are increasingly reporting hiring highly educated workers, technology and education offer some opportunities to improve business efficiencies and improve workplace productivity. Not only are employees happy that their skill sets are valuable, but they benefit from using their skills outside of the office. Self-development is the key word: SAGE reports, “Employers can share in the satisfaction experienced by employees who use online learning to improve their abilities or jobs.”

Prepared by Mindy Levine of Mindy Levine Communications, LLC.

This post is part of a sponsored collaboration between Global Learning Connection, SAGE Institute, and Mindy Levine Communications.

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