What Are The Disadvantages Of Online Learning

Breathe easy, online learning isn’t an outdated option. If you’ve always felt that you needed to get an education more face-to-face but maybe haven’t found the right program yet, online learning could be right for you.

by Briar White

One of the main benefits of online learning is the convenience of being able to take online courses that otherwise might be out of reach. Successfully completing an online course is just as desirable as successfully completing your traditional course, and many would prefer a course that is effectively facilitated by the University than one that is held at another institution.

However, online learning can be disadvantageous to the student at many different levels. Here are the disadvantages of online learning:

Limited Opportunities to Graduate

Unlike the University where the student works for free and works with no restrictions, online courses are limited to the number of participants and ability to join the course. An enrolled student has to enrol in the course, which may only be one quarter or maximum two. In the case of a more condensed and short course, due to lack of resources, deadlines may need to be extended to allow participation.

In this context, the student could be inadvertently pushed into being one of the few who don’t participate in the course and who would rather lose the course certificate than not participate.

The Unavailability of Transcripts

Another drawback is the inability to provide transcripts for the course so that prospective employers can assess the academic standing of the student in furthering their studies. The other issue arising from online courses is that an examination may not be available in the language that the student chose to use.

Job Prospects

Some employers will scrutinise the academic standing of the applicants based on the person’s appearance on their formal photograph as an indication of how they will treat the person at work. There are examples of professional students who have excelled at jobs and received promotions as a result of previous online education, despite not having shown their academic performance in the classroom.

Online degrees do not give the students the same experience as has been offered by traditional tertiary education. Students are not gaining the experience, opportunities, or social support that a traditional degree offers. As a result, they will find it more difficult to later use their experiences in a job market that gives considerable weight to previous experience.

The User Experience

Unlike the opportunity to apply for a part-time course or part-time work where there is flexibility in hours, there are disadvantages to the method of online learning. Some students are left frustrated because the course has only a few class periods, which means that they will be without food for an extended period of time if they have to go to the class twice. Being unable to include lunch breaks will not be beneficial to the students because they will have an entirely empty stomach when they are supposed to be engaged in the learning process.

It is unfortunate that the University of Bradford selected Oxford English Professor Charles Cole for their online course which has lead to accusations of cyber plagiarism, as there are still a lot of issues with the process.

Disadvantages Of Online Class Time?

Online classes can be further damaging to the student if the time and resources are not provided. A student cannot expect to just sit there and listen to the lecture due to the fact that the audio is not always available on the same device with the user. So if the student attends a lecture via laptop or mobile phone and does not have the option of attending the lecture via the audio, they have lost more than what can be earned in the course.

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