What Are The Best Online Mandolin Learning Sites

Learn the mandolin while we discover a perfect online mandolin teaching site to help you improve your skills.

What Are The Best Online Mandolin Learning Sites

So you think you’re a talented mandolin player, but that mandolin in your basement is just killing you. Don’t throw it away: There are many mandolin playing websites to help you improve your playing and even teach you how to play. It’s going to take some work and dedication to get good, but one can expect their lifelong love for mandolin to be fulfilled. Most of the websites are well-organized and the playing guides are quite professional, though there are some better than others.

Origins Mandolin Learning

Origins is one of the best online mandolin website, and the name certainly does not lie. Although the website offers just about everything you can imagine, there are really no surprises, and not too many changes compared to the previous version of the website. You can start by learning simple mandolin strumming and then move to progressive mandolin improv. Users of the website can increase their playing complexity by learning another instrument. A person can also learn to play guitar, electronic musical instruments and keyboard. So if you’re looking for a new mandolin website, then Origins Mandolin Learning is a prime one.

Learn Mandolin

For beginners, this site offers an abundance of teaching guides for beginner and advanced mandolin players. Aside from those manuals, the music platform also offers online manuals for serious mandolin players, such as strumming from different instruments, tips on creating catchy tunes and choosing chords. The website lets you track your playing on a great blog which keeps an archive of your progress. Learn Mandolin also offers a location-based service, and there are many nifty features for people who play around the world, like the ability to play in the same forum for upcoming events.

Original Mandolin Players

To quote Confucius, “The least difficult is the best.” Especially with the current standards of mandolin playing, the minimum requirement to excel in this instrument is to play a few notes on the beginner mandolin tuning system. A player only needs to master two notes of an open tuning system to be able to play progressive music with a clear understanding of the pieces. This site is where you go to develop your skills and practice, and it offers lots of good suggestions for both beginners and advanced mandolin players. You can also practice on many different equipment, for beginners and professionals.

Pandemou Mendoza

Most online mandolin blogs cover unique perspectives on music and guitar playing, but I think the music that most affects us to improve our skills is mandolin, especially progressive jazz. It is the instrument with the heaviest quirks, and also the most at-home one. Plus, it is difficult to learn because it is not accessible for beginners and it sounds different on different musical instruments. But Pandemou Mendoza makes it easy, with a well-organized site and extensive teaching manuals. You can even play songs based on specific plugins you download. It’s a best-in-class mandolin learning site for serious mandolin players and beginners, and there are many great features for beginners.


This website is where the good players can learn and hone their skills in confidence. EasilyConnect gives you the best and latest features for learning instruments, like manuals, plugins, soundbites, and sample tracks. It also has a great social media setup and community, and an editorial board of experts. This is where you go to gather tips, pro tips, and try out the latest progressive music from different sources.


This website has lots of great features, and allows you to control your experience by tweaking parameters. Also, with this website, you can find the best sound quality with perfect tuning. The site also has great learning communities and creative professional music bloggers. It supports private and public groups and is also open to the world. Additionally, Magmic recently received the IFART’s Online Music Matters Awards for the best mentor-maker. These online mandolin websites are truly user-friendly and adapt well to our use, making learning easy and fun.

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