What Are The Best Online Learning Sites For Kids

Bored of the options you’ve got when it comes to deciding what to do with your kids? There’s nothing better than turning to an expert for help.

Welcome to a very fun weekend! We promise! Enjoy some free fun from the Voices behind BabyGagaA1s book.

As always, we are here to help you set up as if your kid was slaving away at home with homework. We have compiled a list of the most useful websites out there for kids’ online learning.

Our list includes sites that offer elementary and middle school students classroom interaction (like GOV), visual collaboration (like Tumbler), assessment and review tools (like TEDEd), electronic book reading material (like Kindle), interactive boards (like AnimalJabber), audio and visual learning tools (like MisterTunes), social networks (like TeachMe, Duckdoodle), digital photo albums (like Flickr), and everything else your little Einstein might require to start on his or her own path to enlightenment.

Below are the sites we think your school could use to be their own digital private school.

Stride Learning

It’s going to be your little whippersnapper’s first year of school. Are you ready to launch the Youth Exploration Store? It is not your typical “teacher’s manual.” This is the place to get them that homework yet! Every single child who comes into the store is connected to their tablet, computer or app using a Unique ID, making it easy for them to learn any time they want to! Kids have a complete library of apps they can choose from in the store, all of which can be personalized to suit any child! They’re all at their fingertips!


Chances are your kid is going to be spending time in the pool this summer. Much like the lakes and oceans that we want to protect and preserve, our children and teens need to learn to protect themselves when they go to the water. This is how Drift came to be. They take children and teens to the water to get rid of the germs that keep them feeling sick. It is a full health and safety instruction for kids ages 9-15. But, unlike the ACTs, they are not meant for solo swimming. An in-depth inspection by staff of certified lifeguards allows parents to choose which practice they want to best.

Education Online Academy

Finding the best online education resources for kids is essential for a smooth start to elementary school. EPO is the best of the best. EPO offers six different levels of self-paced courses and other AP courses. Where else can you check out cool science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) related projects? Whether a parent is working from home or a friend is, you will find a range of education options to suit everyone.


Families around the world are looking for better options for teacher training and in the USA, there are no schools dedicated to helping teachers become more effective at their jobs. The Free9000 learning network is the only place available online to all participating teachers in multiple languages from over 60 countries. Developed by teachers, for teachers, this place provides a huge dose of cutting edge knowledge, engagement, and collaboration. The Free9000 Education Network site is full of live class modules, meetups, media, and other opportunities for teachers to speak with one another. You will be ready to become a more effective teacher without breaking the bank!


Learning from books, videos, and other sources are awesome for kids but something doesn’t feel quite right with a blank page or a computer screen. We love online teaching but we have all experienced the static, non-interactive Web. Pearson’s pD on Cyber is a great solution to teaching kids in a way they are used to. They create a 24-hour interactive classroom which works just like a real classroom but with no educational artifacts or paper. That way, they can learn without missing out on the experiences of others!

Khan Academy

Kids aren’t having the time to do the heavy lifting in school. Let them stay busy and not miss out on learning simply by giving them access to an encyclopedia of knowledge online. There are a lot of good ways to add value to their learning experience but this really, really is the best one.

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