What Are Some Personal Strengths Do You Bring To Online Learning

Online learning has become more popular and accessible. The increase in its popularity could mainly be attributed to the ease of access, confidence, and the lack of standard textbooks, but if you aren’t sure what your personal strengths are, you need to take some time to review them.

First of all, how do you find personal strengths? Check this out. It takes some discipline and some study to identify strengths. It requires you to look out for a number of different criteria which is a lot to consider. So how do you put all the criteria together and pull it all together and move forward? Be prepared to have your work as a PM go through some rather sticky situations:

Putting Courage into your Personal Strengths

When you are looking to define your personal strengths, you are starting to get into new territory. You must identify what you are good at, what you are consistently passionate about, and what those hobbies have to do with teaching.

Have you ever had a compulsion to write? Most likely, you used to be good at it and still are at times. What happens when you identify that particular skill and try to maintain that the rest of the time? How do you hold it? Do you drop it because your busy schedule was something else to focus on? Or do you do it regularly to keep yourself motivated. I don’t need to tell you how much passion you have in telling the world about what your strengths are! I mean, what’s the funniest joke you can think of?

Sometimes when we move to online learning we don’t have another “Real World” to choose from. Since we all have our own lives to live and achieve a certain degree of balance, sometimes you find yourself missing a certain aspect of your life. One of the things we enjoy about online learning is that we get to do something different that’s not very regular. What might help you find a life second life is putting your passions online.

I used to do a bit of online learning myself. Instead of waiting to be told I was a great writer when I found I was not always, I was able to find my passion and get started teaching it. It took a few attempts, but I was able to identify my weakness and go back to it when I felt like I was dragging my feet. What could be more rewarding than that? You do not need to have dedicated multiple hours a day learning to find online learning to be a rewarding experience.

During the 2014 Bully Season, I’m working through a bunch of my personal strengths and ability to define my strengths. I found a little article from Pet Genome Quest and I was immediately intrigued by the project. I looked at it again and again as part of my study. It stuck with me and led me back to the project. What I loved about Pet Genome Quest is the way they were able to capture the collective experience of the wolf packs. What really made me jump in was their mission to use data as a first responder to get us a fix on the health of our animal companions.

My friends also have a focus on getting their child ready for Kindergarten. And unfortunately, they have a short period of time left to get the child ready for Kindergarten. They feel they are failing in many ways, in many areas, and they have a lot of questions. What they wanted to learn was what do we know about Kindergarten, what does it take for a child to be ready for Kindergarten, and what gaps are there in the knowledge system? Is a child who has struggled with reading or struggle with self-control that likely going to do well at Kindergarten?

As we started to draw our conclusions, we wondered if the best predictor was the child, how would that correlate to Kindergarten? What we found was that it was either the child’s physical state or their environment.

The idea that we could be better served by working with certain strengths that came up in our study was a great concept. I went back to my own study and wrote up my personal strengths. I also did my own research and started talking to my student population. I learned a lot about myself! I started to build myself a collection of great experiences. The possibilities were endless!

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