What Are Some Online Resources To Support Personalized Learning

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On the global stage, a conversation around personalized learning is heating up. There’s a hope that tailored teaching and learning can improve outcomes for students and teachers alike. Unfortunately, with the proliferation of online education opportunities, personalized learning could fall to the wayside. The internet, it seems, is particularly attractive for anyone looking to customize their education, including students, teachers, parents, and administrators.

Perhaps it’s because the “hot seat” theory of education has been, and may always be, the stuff of Hollywood films. People put on a headset and have a plethora of content delivered to them, all minutely tailored to their academic tastes. We’ve seen the advent of online courses designed to help students in third-world countries receive first-rate educational opportunities at a fraction of the cost and with fewer distractions than ever before.

Education Today, a 12-year-old organization which hosts a network of more than 1,100 online courses, helps improve a student’s chances of going to college by teaching them how to turn in their homework ahead of schedule, giving them more instructional time to solve problems, and ensuring that they have access to a curriculum that’s appropriate for their academic level. Overall, Education Today helps prepare its students for the future and make them more employable.

Education Today organizes a wide range of information and resources. Click the photo to learn more about the organization and its many educational offerings.

Ankur Vyas, a fourth-year student at San Francisco State University who is focusing his studies on soft skills, discovered Education Today after he graduated from high school. Vyas says he’s learned about a variety of subjects as part of his Education Today class, including investigative journalism, finance, and software engineering.

Education Today has provided Vyas with a “personal learning path”—meaning, Vyas is taught a specific course for every major. Although it’s a little difficult for Vyas, who is college-bound and needs the course time, to choose which courses to take, he is also able to transfer those classes to a four-year university. Vyas says he’s certain that he’ll be able to complete the course content that Education Today offers.

Education Today is also geared toward individuals who are working toward a career. For instance, when Josh Kempton decided to enter the engineering field, his need for high-quality work translated into a requirement that he take a course in the field. However, his work with Education Today required him to understand more about certain computer science terminology and options. After finishing a two-year course in software engineering, Kempton is set to graduate from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in May.

“When someone says that the internet is all about personalization, I have to have an IQ of 145,” says Elizabeth Schouten, the CEO of Education Today.

According to Schouten, 89 percent of the course content from Education Today comes from experts in the field who train instructors and teach virtual lectures and seminars to students. Access to the course content is available to everyone in the world. In addition, some teachers are also available to teach additional modules that take their knowledge to a different level or use the curriculum to teach more skills that their students don’t already possess.

As for the rest of the content in Online Education Today, 70 percent of it comes from published teachers. Because the material is curated and has been taught by credible instructors, many instructors are willing to give up a day of their schedule to participate in Online Education Today.

“There’s a lot of focus on virtualization,” says Vivian Quan, vice president of early childhood programs at Piedmont Education Institute. “In most instances, a teacher with physical presence will interact with her students during a certain period of time. With Online Education Today, you don’t have that.”

The content of Online Education Today can be accessed for a variety of different purposes, including classroom instruction, job training, learning to better manage a home life, online classes, and college courses.

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