What Are Some Online Learning Platforms

From Codecademy to Google Classroom, the website can help you start or improve your career.

What Are Some Online Learning Platforms

Do you have kids? Now is a good time to explore how technology can play a part in educating them. We found a bunch of great online courses that will help your kids get started in the educational world, whether it’s learning to code, cosplay, get an investment banking degree, or become a martial artist. We’ve picked a few picks for each of those areas here.

Coding Classes

It’s amazing how much you can learn in just a few months, so don’t be afraid to sign up for new courses. We found some great ones to make your online education educational, and entertaining.

San Diego-based Code.org is a nonprofit organization with the goal of making computer programming accessible to as many people as possible. Computer science is the second-most in-demand job in the US after health care.

Start your new to learning computer programming with 26 different classes, including JavaScript, Python, and Ruby on Rails. There are even classes to teach you to make a game, including Createit, Cut It Out, and We Do it In Here. In addition to coding lessons, Code.org also offers courses on graphics design, and online marketing.

Get started at Code.org today, and by spring 2019 you’ll be starting a new career in computer programming. Don’t worry if you don’t have HTML skills: there are classes to teach you how to make websites that function in your phone.

Cashiers Need Not Apply

Powered by Beta Corporation, the Cashiers Need Not Apply site is the anti-Facebook. It’s a networking site for cashiers who want to learn new skills. Through the program, you can participate in the discussion forums, take quizzes, and even pick the best learner to become a social media expert.

Initially, the company wants to grow the community through social media. By 2017, however, they plan to train and offer paid scholarships. That year, 8,000 students are expected to receive $50,000.

Online Cosplay Classes

If you think that your kids love to dress up as characters, you should check out a nearby school of cosplay. Cosplay allows you to pretend you are making stuff, and also provides a social networking experience. There are classes for kids and adults.

There are dozens of classes from recreating the world of Minecraft to Star Wars to Western superheroes to anime characters. Cosplay can also be a brilliant way to get kids to dress up. Disney, for example, currently has a successful line of apparel.

The professional Cosplay Market has classes for all ages from beginners to professional. One month’s fee can provide you with eight hours of instruction. One thing to know, though, is that the classes are often hands-on, so you need to be into putting together your own costume.

Go To Essence Ent. for Physician Short Certificate Programs

To help your kids learn how to deal with anxiety, stress, and other issues associated with medicine, Essence Ent. offers a Physician Short Certificate Program. The series is taught by a knowledgeable medical professional.

You can choose from a variety of doctor’s seats, and Essence Ent. offers easy scholarships. There are also several one-hour exams, so you can work with a doctor to perfect your exam.

Computers and Business

Hands-on computer training is always a good idea, but Essence Ent. offers Computer Seminars, classes geared toward individuals who want to learn and work at a computer or with a computer. Essence Ent. offers programs in coding, video game design, languages, and more.

By the end of this year, Essence Ent. expects to have over 2,000 applicants in attendance for their online classes. At a single session, attendees will learn Python, learn to do anagrams, and hack Microsoft Excel.

For schools looking to save money by building new classrooms, Essence Ent. has many different types of workshops at prices ranging from $50 to $199.

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