What Are Some Of The Stressors Associated With Online Learning

We are a society driven by technology—now, more than ever before. However, many digital options allow students to balance their time with familiar life activities like education and family.

Do you think online learning is the best way to get a good degree? A recent study on the stressors of study and graduation finds that, contrary to popular belief, younger people, who take the biggest hit from study-related anxiety, may benefit the most from their online education.

Last summer, The Post-Intensive Study Program of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers found that the average age of students who participated in online and distance learning programs in higher education was a whopping 21 years old.

The study further suggested that students who enrolled in programs between the ages of 24 and 35 were the least likely to be stressed about finishing their degree. Younger students tended to suffer more from the toll of study-related stress on a whole, compared to those in older age groups.

Stress, Anxiety, and Anxiety in College Students

Nowadays, high school and college students can, for the most part, complete the same type of learning they would at face-to-face programs. But this is not always the case, and there are possible reasons why students are taking the online route. So, we’ve broken down the most common areas of stress that may play a role in going from public to private, online vs. face-to-face, and whether or not college has anything to do with the study anxiety that boils in a young person.

Research suggests that some study anxiety is rooted in the overall state of the economy. In the USA in particular, jobs become more secure in an economy when the unemployment rate is lower.

We just saw a surge in college-age unemployment at the start of the year, which may have inadvertently led to increased stress for students. Unfortunately, there is a fear among college and university professors that the employment outlook for college graduates may be less rosy than it once was.

There is also the idea that globalized markets and the globalization of knowledge and other technology are slowly but surely driving down the cost of labor. In such a situation, where it is possible to earn more simply by knowing more, tuition rates increase.

Stressed Out Enrollees Are Less Likely to Close Their Books

Though maintaining a course load doesn’t guarantee that a student will end up graduating, studies have suggested that closing an online course on time does tend to increase the odds of having a graduate degree.

Moreover, studies have shown that students who exercise self-control and confidence with regard to their learning experiences tend to have better learning levels and careers after they’ve graduated.

Stress affects emotions and moral compasses and can impede physical and mental health. Researchers at the University of Washington have found that greater levels of stress exposure leads to impaired mental health, as well as a decrease in resilience and “motivation, enthusiasm, and positive affect.” This latter area is particularly important for many people as they go through the traditional college process and find themselves placing a lot of faith in higher learning.

The Conclusion

It’s important to point out that studies from traditional academic institutions tend to skew older. These predominantly represent older people, and younger ones tend to take more stress from a whole range of social factors.

Stress concerns grow as they get older because the young college student is immersed in the whole point of study, while the young adult is stuck in a pressure cooker, dealing with social and monetary stressors. So, young adults often face the greatest stress during the constant succession of transitions required to grow up and become a grown up.

Surprisingly, the older the person is, the lower the overall level of stress they experience. The key to not stressing out is to avoid getting frustrated with yourself and instead focus on learning a little more than you expected.

Still, it’s important to look at the whole picture and take in that you are a modern person. The ideal world is always going to be difficult to attain and has its challenges. Otherwise, we would all be stranded on our islands alone.

So, we need to embrace change. Online learning may not be your choice. That being said, don’t take the easy way out and drop out of school. Maybe to think about that a little more, this might be your chance to pick up some expert knowledge online.

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