What Are Some Learning Accomodations For Adult Online Meetings

Here’s how to learn more about meets you’ll be visiting after the site or app you’re meeting with launches.

I always knew that I would be a writer, but not in the field of How-To Guides.

I loved to read, but never learned how to do it in school.

I read fast. In fact, I read 10 books or more a day in high school, through the final part of high school, and in college. I remember being fascinated by many mysteries, fiction and non-fiction. I became intrigued by the 21st Century Now Being Born Hour a pop culture show from the early ‘80s. It was the kind of series that inspired me to get up in the middle of the night (during those magical late-night 20s years) and watch dozens of episodes in a row. Then I lived in Japan and saw the series in its heyday in the late ‘70s and ‘80s with all its visual effects, budget and incredible music.

I remembered this fanboy and fan girl fascination with mysteries that just killed me. To this day, I read the Enid Blyton books. I am still a Blyton addict to this day.

I am fascinated by books and the tales told in them. Whether it be murder, mysteries, historical fiction, fairy tales, adventure stories, romance, occult, historical biography, bio-science or anything else, my little mind is completely captured.

Being a TV critic, I am used to clashing with other people. Some are very intelligent and can easily dissect the scenes of any show and help me understand what’s going on. But I love cutting to the chase and grabbing the second screen or the tablet and getting to know my characters by watching it unfold as they go about their day to day lives. I really am a storyteller.

Anyway, what about how I became hooked on crime and mysteries and all things involved in the paranormal? I like a challenge, just like many people. As we all know, in life, if you try and do nothing, you will wind up with something very similar, or worse than that. People are very drawn to things that have some mystery and thrill about them. People want to know things that may not be “known” facts. The same can be said for a job, love life, and you name it. Everyone wants to know what they don’t know or have no idea about.

The thing is, online, a person who is in an Online Relationship or meeting online, is no different. They want to be fulfilled. I think the reason so many women are searching online for someone who will make them a really great life partner is the simple fact that life in America is a struggle. The reality is we all have parents, siblings, friends and colleagues who expect you to “do well.” We are essentially being judged by our pasts. The best way to rid ourselves of all that is to learn how to hide our feelings. It may just seem like a very self serving thing to do, but it’s a mindset that drives so many young men and women to meet with others online and to become deeply connected. They see it as a way of spending less time in front of others and more time online, focusing on their own self confidence.

No, it’s not quite that simple. Even though an “online relationship” or a “mutual friend” on social media may seem like a “real” relationship. A deep, and more intimate connection, is just that: It’s a connection. It’s not a companion. No one has ever written a love poem or done a side hugging in a long distance connection.

I am sure there are ways to block access to someone, but that can be bad news for your health and your career.

Now, I am going to leave you with one last tidbit of wisdom:

Q: Do you think there is a push to make it seem online relationships and/or sexting is normal and now the norm?

A: There is always push and pull between technology and the value we give to each other. Technology is a great tool for being in touch with others, but it is also a tool to allow for adult grownups who are “incredibly needy” to try and orchestrate their sexting lives or vice versa.

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