What Are Some Advantages And Disadvantages Participating An Online Learning Environment

Online learning environments are the new future in learning. There are a lot of advantages to using these platforms.

What Are Some Advantages And Disadvantages Participating An Online Learning Environment

“Most students prefer to get more individualized attention in the online environment.”

These are a few of the findings of the annual student aptitude test administered by the school. Each year, the number of students who participate in this exam increases steadily, and in 2018, more than 90% of students who took the test chose to take the online portion as compared to 70% in 2017. This is a huge shift from when many students would opt for an experience more in line with their needs and preferences in a less rigid and more collaborative environment.

According to the online mode, students are freed of academic rigor and required to show their understanding through understanding their concept fully in order to follow through on their assignments. Online learning stands out from the other options because the teachers are and can be more independent in terms of their ability to tailor what they teach to the individual student. Another benefit of learning online is that the global scope is much better, since students from across the globe get to study at the same time with one another.

Another comparative advantage of an online learning environment is the ability to not be distracted by others’ intentions. Whereas at most schools or college, the students are expected to focus on their work at all times, the online environment is usually a place where they can work in groups without having to worry about the other students’ failures. In this manner, many students find more room for experimenting and diverging from a situation that they usually face in a person’s presence.

Another consideration of taking a test and taking part in class is to help students learn the best things about the new environment and to acquire practical skills by participating in an activity that is not interfering with their studies.

Online Learning Can Have Several Disadvantages

Yet, one common concern among parents, students, and teachers is a fear about the popularity, the number of failures, and the absence of judgment of students or the teachers. Thus, many experts view an environment with large volumes of data as being less accurate. Therefore, they also claim that a move toward an online learning experience can have many disadvantages. Here are some of these disadvantages:

Scarcity of time – It is critical for online learning to operate faster than the offline one. However, the fact that students can go online during an exam is difficult in terms of productivity. While a student’s grades can be determined more by their performance in examinations, that figure can also be altered and, therefore, is less accurate than when written in a notebook or taken with a pencil. To rule out this possibility, many teachers do not bother to make active the use of online courses during exam time, which leaves the students to go online and make up whatever fraction of class they fail to cover.

Limited feedback – The positive and negative feedback can be instantaneous in a classroom where teachers are actively involved. Whereas, with the use of a computer, it is important to keep students on their toes and give them feedback, especially if they are failing to address the issue. The inevitable result is that they can get confused about the subject, push back questions, and even forget what they asked.

Different expectations – Students may not be aware about the process or the benefits of an online environment. They may not understand the advantages of this model and what the teachers can expect from them. Additionally, students may also not feel as if they are doing something constructive and helpful since they are learning more easily than they would at their regular desk.

If Your Child Thinks He Needs Help with The Classroom Approach

Nevertheless, there are many factors that can affect your student’s behavior in class. You can examine these factors at the beginning of the semester, or even earlier before the student has started the class. However, the computer is the best option for short-term help since it is essentially out of your control. However, all this could change if your child starts having difficulty in class, and goes to you and claims he or she has not been able to concentrate since they have been struggling with not just comprehension but also making sense of things.

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