What Are Some ‘advanced ‘ Ai And Machine Learning Online Courses?

Learn more about AI and machine learning by attending one of the few classes around in the Sacramento area.

The well-known and open-ended Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects that seem to take the world by storm keep popping up. The seemingly limitless possibilities for AI are encouraging everyone to venture into the field and pursue some of the more interesting projects out there.

The most popular and popular uses of AI are in the domains of medicine, AI applications in agriculture, and AI applications for the entertainment industry. Artificial Intelligence applications in agriculture are generally electronic sensors embedded in the field, which can transmit information to the computer program, eventually allowing farmers to have more accurate pictures of the crops, on which to make planting decisions.

The good news is that for those who are looking to learn to increase their own knowledge, there are several online courses that focus on AI that are available for free or cheap.

Much like any professional course, the information you’ll receive should be updated and adaptable as new developments are made. Some of the most popular courses include:

1. Artificial Intelligence Methods:

Created by Michele Zehnder and Steve Davis, the AI Methods course will help you get a basic understanding of the new and changing methods in AI. The content focus on artificial intelligence theories and applications, and how the principles used are being carried out in industry and research. It has resources for all levels and even a podcast which can help you develop your own AI applications in your field.

Available for free on Coursera, Artificial Intelligence Methods covers the basics of how artificial intelligence works. Anyone wanting to learn about the wide spectrum of AI methods, including applying AI to everything from PESO exams to virtual operating room equipment, can take this course.

2. Artificial Intelligence Visualizations:

Tim Ciotti is a University of Chicago graduate with a strong interest in machine learning and AI. As an investment banker, Ciotti is not shy when it comes to being forward in his knowledge and innovation in technology, and so this course is appropriate for him.

The course, Abstract Artificial Intelligence Visualizations, explores how AI systems can be used to visualize large data sets, while exploring the basic concepts of AI using embedded images. While your profitably can immerse yourself in this interactive course, the best feature is the ability to interact with the machine learning system, allowing you to modify the system and refine the algorithms on-the-fly.

3. Using AI to Avoid Cyberattacks:

Although heavily focused on cybersecurity, the AI features on this course provide guidance for anyone looking to utilize AI in their everyday work. What makes the AI features helpful is that it can help organizations build and deploy applications that prevent their systems from being compromised, no matter what the problem. The concept, while novel, is relatively simple, and can be implemented by deploying support for their employees and business partners.

4. Machine Learning and Computed Principles:

Each Computer Science Major requires a particular program that can help advance their skills. This AI courses is an AI basic, building up to a higher level program, and this is where you are able to become a senior member of your work group. All the content in the AI basic course is accessible to all users, and all of the work done is for you.

There are ways to download and save your progress, including in Google’s Cloud and YouTube, as well as handy viewing preferences. The AI basic course is 100 percent valid.

5. Machine Learning for Higher Education:

Since it is more commonly available at a faster speed to serve professionals and elite schools, it is usually less available for universities and colleges. However, there are ways that you can take advantage of this course even while attending college. There are resources on Coursera where you can save your progress if your College is not on the list.

So, what’s the upshot?

This series offers comprehensive information and resources on the technologies that most everyone from students to average people must be aware of. Since the creators have stepped up and wanted to share the resources with the public, it seems like this information is worth getting to know.

Think of your skills as AI skills. Choose an advanced method, and expand on it, but make sure you research your present means of professional organization and growth. Incorporate your AI skills with other technology to allow you to extend your skills, building upon it and, in turn, your skills.

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