What Are Some Activitities That Could Motivate Online Learning

What are some actions that could motivate online learning?

The advent of online education has certainly become a given over the last decade, but to build a next generation skill set, it can be extremely compelling to consider, and to capitalize on. This is especially true for younger consumers who have grown up in a world where there are plenty of options for getting their education. Some take classes in high school, some don’t. Some can do everything they ever wanted to do at home, while others prefer the hands-on approach. Often it comes down to who you are as a learner.

While I am a firm believer in making full use of the resources available to you, the in-person setting can’t be replaced. Many will tell you that online colleges get a lot of their students from the hardwired approach of school. This means that even if a student wants to become a physics major, he or she might have done their homework at home, but the ability to study in the real world and increase problem solving acumen might be what gets them through. That said, online education can still have its advantages in certain areas.

For the past couple of years, I have had the privilege of seeing class from an online college. The motivation factor is something that I believe to be equally important and sometimes much more exciting than the offline form. Starting from this stage, I know that I can look forward to lifelong technology components in my real life every day. With that, this past week I thought it might be useful to share some thoughts as it pertains to online learning activity levels.

With a set of exercises you complete, you can track how well you are doing. This can be used as an encouraging gauge during the learning process. I personally enjoy seeing the motivation level go up during the more time-intensive activities. Certain activities will be more fun than others, though, but for everyone it will be a source of meaning. That level of participation through meditation, journaling, reading, writing, or watching a film will offer a degree of community that can’t be replicated anywhere else. In that sense, it offers an alternate form of training, although the formal training takes place inside the large box with an instructor. This alone can be tremendously motivating, especially when sitting on a college campus or when dealing with group participants.

An aspect of how people engage with their education is the group aspect. In class, time is given for taking turns to contribute ideas or help out to give context. It may have been your turn to share a different view on a subject, and the instructor will encourage you to do so by offering support to those having difficulty getting their points across. The group part of an online course provides a group leader at each stage of an activity. In a large classroom environment, a group leader might be your professor, or someone like a church leader, but in an online environment, it is more like a community leader. Their role is to help make decisions during the course, facilitate multiple points of view, and then walk you through any course issues. This could be as simple as adding something missing from the assignment to give you an idea of the history behind it, or walking you through the need to consider data that will come with the next step.

Many will do their work at home, or in front of their desk at work, but it does not negate their desire to get assistance from others. For those who are ready to take it online, a group setting provides an organization from which to process work in a more structured way, as well as reward those who are making it happen.

Using tools like Coursera and Udacity, many individuals can more than likely be tapped into some formal online education. While I haven’t done this yet, I know for certain that I would be more likely to pursue it as a full-time, full-time endeavor, for better or worse. That said, I have learned that while online learning can be a total blessing and teacher-led option, sometimes experience is the better teacher and there are upsides to both experiences.

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