What Are Online Learning Websites

As online learning becomes increasingly more popular, it can be a challenge to tell where the learning site you are visiting comes from. Have a question about an online learning website?

Online learning websites have gained tremendous traction in recent years as the cost of textbooks and other educational related expenses has spiraled out of control.

Textbooks, Laptops, Office Tech, And PowerPoints Cluttering the Living Room

As technology progresses, education has followed along. Over the years, we have seen classroom technology become more and more advanced, and tools available for professors and the classroom seem to never go out of fashion.

While the classroom and overhead projectors have become standard in education, online learning has come to be extremely popular with the general population.

Google Plus Education

After exploring online learning sites for something to study, I realized I was at a point in my life where I needed to start taking extra courses to get a head start on school. Not only is the cost, but the commitment to putting the time in right away after seeing multiple classes already booked in the fall and spring was at times daunting.

There is no shortage of choice when it comes to online learning websites for students to choose from. That meant choosing which one to go with.

Google Plus Education started as a community for educators. It has been developed from scratch, and has an abundance of courses that address almost every subject under the sun. While other sites like Coursera allow you to get a great deal of flexibility by opting out of lecture videos, Google Plus only comes with live classes and live lectures. Google Plus Education has evolved to fill a niche with both major online degree programs and independent study within its own platform.

Academic Textbook Sharing Site

Academictextbook sharing website HigherEdge.net just feels right. I looked at this site in the past as a student, but at the time it was something I could only do if you have a stable internet connection. It is not available on mobile devices, and is definitely not optimized for mobile viewing.

In 2015 HigherEdge introduced a mobile app which allows you to access class-related content on your phone and tablets. Recently it was added to LinkedIn, making it even easier to share information and information with students.

It is important to note, however, that other text books don’t seem to support HigherEdge’s mobile apps. You will need to check with your professors if this is something you need to consider.

Academic Textbook Sharing Site

The FieldPages.com sports a very user friendly interface for making notes and working with various articles. The site is professionally made with pictures, and you are given a great selection of classes. It’s like having your own learning library at your fingertips.

The illustrations are free to download, however you do need to purchase a field page with space for documents and a login link in the cart to access content. Some features like the “tweet this” button and creation of custom fields are free.

You don’t need a high school diploma to take a college class on FieldPages.com. If you are looking for a gateway to higher education, I would recommend a visit to this website.

Google Answers

The Google Answers online community consists of a large open room where users can post a question. A tutorial is then presented, and up to 50 people with an Internet connection can answer the question.

The questions might not be the most challenging, but if you are serious about school, you might benefit from exploring that community.

Zebra Business School

Zebra Business School is a busy question and answer site that you can check out, although if you go on there it is unlikely you will be able to get a class slot.

The fee for an online class, which requires an account, is $25 per month, $25 for 12 months, and $75 for two years.

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