What Are Online Learning Platforms

We’re all familiar with the ways in which large corporations use online learning to acquire new employees and expand their skills. Online course work was extremely lucrative for the big online learning firms and continues to be so.

What Are Online Learning Platforms

If you’re anything like us, you have work to do that might leave you with only the barest scraps of free time at the end of the day. But that’s not always the case; sometimes you have time to get some work done, perhaps while taking a walk or enjoying a warm cup of coffee with a friend. That’s why digital education platforms are a great, free alternative for when you simply need to invest your spare time into something more educational. Whether you want to focus on writing or languages, you’ll find something to keep you busy for the rest of the day.

Here are a few popular online learning platforms that will make your day a lot easier.

Wiley Learning

Wiley Learning is one of the more popular educational online platforms available today. It provides plenty of ways to find educational content to suit your interests, and gives you access to a wide range of what you might find in a traditional classroom. Get ready to learn how to write and edit scripts, handle video interviews and setup spreadsheets, and there’s even an app that’ll take the place of an ink pen and a pad of paper in filling out your class work.

For those unfamiliar with the platform, it’s easy to learn, too. There’s plenty of excellent online tutoring available in math, science, reading, writing, grammar, and more, and the site provides sample lectures for the courses you’re interested in, and much more besides.

Dr. ed. Learning

Another online learning platform that you might not have heard of, it offers more than just education. More specifically, it offers a semester-long, immersive culinary experience that’s sure to deliver high-quality food and sound choices that improve your cooking skills while learning a lot about yourself.

Now in its second year, the platform serves up a $2,400 cost for the experience, and participants earn pizza samples along the way. Plus, this course is guaranteed to deliver something you’ll want to savor for years to come. Seriously—this is worth the money.

Though the money has doubled since this year’s participant, you’re still on the hook for a $2,000 price tag. However, if you’re already planning to spend that $2,000, this is a place to start with this portal, as it caters to students in a variety of fields, and there’s even an app to take your learning further.


Levelup may not be the most well-known of all the online learning platforms available today, but it’s gaining traction among students in more ways than one.

To start, you’ll find learning through a high-quality online platform means a number of benefits—better engagement, accountability, and much more. But if those benefits don’t keep you coming back, look no further than Levelup, which has gained a whopping 22.5 stars out of 20 reviews with many students saying they’d recommend the platform to anyone.

It also has plans for growth beyond its classroom roots, and not just in the area of education, either. Levelup has learned to get its students into space travel in order to deliver lectures for the eventual trip to Mars. You won’t need your current spaceship though, as there are plans to create as many as 10 spaceships at once for a total of 500-plus spaces to explore.


If writing, whether in a laptop or an e-book, is what you want to focus on, there’s a good chance Wanderu is the place for you. It’s a completely customizable e-book platform that adapts to your specific needs, and fits seamlessly into your personal style and even your digital lifestyle.

Users who get a piece of the action will find quality content to suit their interests, but better yet, it has every e-book you can think of. And with titles not only written by new and upcoming authors, but also by popular writers who you know and trust, you’ll find a more than sufficient variety.

Many of Wanderu’s books are organized in both Kindle and Nook formats, and you can access it across all your devices. It offers options for purchase and for Kindle Unlimited, so if you feel like it’s the thing for you, you can always hop aboard the e-book train as well.

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