What Are My Learning Strengths Quiz Online

Welcome to Buzzfeed’s new quiz that captures the knowledge of anyone who wants to learn even more. Recommended by the National Learning Center and with feedback provided by your online peers, this quiz is designed to create a learning community and provide a way to search for content based on your interests.

What Are My Learning Strengths Quiz Online

I am not a traditional person. I do not value traditional identities and ways of interacting, relationship-building, and the like. Instead, I prefer the autonomy and sense of self that it requires. I like to think that I’m independent, present, and contributing; that I don’t need permission from anyone or any thing to allow me to focus on my personal success or happiness.

When it comes to teachers and peers, I value what I’m going to achieve through teamwork; that I’m not limited by superficial characteristics (usually having come from a more privileged background). I prefer to focus on learning, goals, and goals-to-be in a way that is more focused on strategy, rather than timing. I have a particular ability for developing and anticipating a better way of seeing the world in order to solve real world problems, as well as lessons in self-reflection.

I have a particular analytic skill for exploring behavioral patterns, and a strong ability for understanding human psychology. I am open to different ways of thinking, and like to challenge and engage with my peers in order to better understand how they think.

Here’s the quiz. Took a few hours, but when you’re feeling anxious about a difficult question in a future study, just take a few minutes and give yourself a review.


Most of the time, curiosity in college is perceived as someone who is very good at learning. Curiosity is another form of self-confidence. It is a lot like knowing yourself very well. It helps you to know your limitations and strengths, and to be able to turn inward and give yourself credit for your skills and achievements. Curiosity is usually very self-focused, and may also come across as very naïve. Curiosity is also associated with a love of “the wild” and the unknown. Curiosity is a skill that must be cultivated and updated, and is usually more likely to be discussed when someone is looking for something to demonstrate and communicate in an academic context. Curiosity is not something you can grow and develop over the years: the best way to do this is to expose yourself to new things, travel, live in a different part of the world, read, and create a living mindscape.


Most of the time, being a student is perceived as being someone who can read and has done some reading. Reading is considered a very useful skill for a lot of subjects, though the kinds of things a student may read in the future may have different meanings. Reading is a helpful skill for students.


While writing is definitely an important skill, it is also a way to express knowledge that cannot be read into other contexts. Sometimes, learning to write, to write, to write is perceived as something that people have to do for some past life experience.

Writing is like learning a new instrument, and it requires discipline and dedication over time. Writing can often feel like a skill that is inaccessible to students, but sometimes students are the ones leading and inspiring other people to become better writers. Often, writers seek to write more, to expand their craft, and enhance their ability to communicate through their pen or pencil.


Many people tell you that you should look for the “keys to success” in society. At times, this can feel like a hoax. I was talking to one of my own teachers about this one, and asked whether such a thing really existed, or whether it was just a myth. My answer is yes. Yes, even something as simple as what kind of culture it would take for you to be truly successful.

Creativity is a type of thinking and skill that can be developed over time, and is commonly associated with very exceptional talents and capacity. Though creativity is incredibly important, it can also feel impersonal, unchallenging, and difficult to learn. Creativity can feel like more of a resource than a skill, and it does require discipline and a high level of self-discipline. Fortunately, our challenge as educators is to help students feel comfortable doing creativity, and I find that this is a lot more fun than someone else telling you that you should do it.

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