What Are My Expectations That Will Help Me Succeed In Online Learning?

Our learners define success differently than other professionals. Christine Hollen offers some tips for moving forward.

What Are My Expectations That Will Help Me Succeed In Online Learning?

Time spent looking at, reading, and thinking about learning content I feel can benefit my next classes, during and after school.

Just as in the workplace, this research shows that employees who are online learning and meeting regularly with colleagues and peers receive better productivity and performance in the workplace.

Understanding and setting my expectations that help me improve my learning experience is a complex process. Here are some of the things I look for in self-study programs online that help me pursue what I really want to do in education.

To adjust my time with learning content based on the concept of “convergent learning,” I pay a certain amount of time to a site that helps facilitate these adaptive experiences as part of what they do. At the end of the year, these sites help me make the most of each activity I complete that is related to the institution I choose. Having that flexibility allows me to see opportunities that range from class projects to career design related to my major.

Respect or frustration is a huge part of the learning process. People learn from people, especially in higher education, where that can be a short focus of people’s time. The best learning experiences that seem long may be very short in actual times. When I think of the longer or more impactful learning experiences, I often focus on my classroom experiences during the past semester—the five week seminar course—and how they helped me work to achieve the requirements of my degree.

This was a professor level lecture with specific delivery pieces that had their own specific cadence. When I was finished with that course, I went to the level that was appropriate for me, what was manageable, and what worked for my learning style. I’ve been very clear in my understanding of my assessment experiences regarding what was appropriate for my learning style, despite the perspectives or learning outcomes that were designed for different learners.

This helped me understand some inconsistencies in how those learned outcomes had been applied during the assigned periods. I have used this experience throughout my higher education tenure to make clear learning expectations to make sure that my education is well aligned with my learning style.

As I get older, the online learning experience matters more. At the graduate level, a memory component and abstract understanding of how to apply the learning, as well as the ability to understand and apply knowledge to the outside world, makes for a much more efficient learning experience. But once you are older, but still in school, you are interested in working toward your degree based on your previous experience, your competencies and your specific desires.

This interest in learning is what you will need to create and pursue the degree you would like to earn

The learning processes you are most interested in are the ones where you use the most of your senses, process through complex information, and see a pattern. Online programs, like other types of learning, require you to broaden your picture of learning and that will help you have the most successful learning experience of your career as an educator.

Success is measured differently based on one’s own definitions of success. The higher-than-average completion rate with a small amount of work may not mean a lot to you but it could be a huge deal to someone who would be evaluating you. Allowing yourself the freedom to determine what works for you is the most effective way to make sure your learning experience has value for you, and helps you succeed in whatever activity you choose to pursue.

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