What Are Learning Points For In Albion Online?

In 2017, I attended a Gala North Florida University (GNTU) celebration. I was a sophomore studying Political Science and Journalism, and had spent the day working with Director Patrick Tate.

The questions are either easy or anything but as a student in a computer science major as well as an English major (which are by far not the easiest majors to concentrate on), I often struggle to see how I can make myself think about new opportunities. Would you want to spend another semester learning the same boring assignments you had last year? Wouldn’t this actually set me back a few years?

I did not develop problems for this article, but a few commenters have shared some interesting problems they have encountered in their online classes. In particular, I found the issues around catching up on information from the past.

A couple of days ago my English Literature 2 classroom had a lot of people attending. While we were trying to count how many people were actually there, one of my classmates came out with a coworker to ask me a question about World War II and the relative importance of Anne Frank’s diary. In class I had just given the class summary and she had the questions after. I was able to track down the information she needed in real time, but the problem is that class sizes in humanities classes can be pretty small so there is not a lot of time to prepare a bunch of classroom learning materials to hand out. In this case I wasn’t just quick enough to hand it over, but I was not fast enough to see the screenshot I had during class and go ahead and send her a PDF file.

One of the great things about the internet is that it can make it so much easier to gather information around any topic, but it has an implication for how we use the internet. What happens when our given choice of activities could lead to more valuable gains than just a simple and safe learning experience? This is especially true when we feel like we are being prepared for things that we wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. I found that if I were going to opt out of all possible experiments involving the Anne Frank diary, then I would be more willing to deal with academic anxiety to do it. Without having to worry about what might happen if I missed an online assignment, I could actually take myself more seriously while actually getting much-needed experience.

Though these aren’t really problems in the “most severe” sense, they are all a necessary to finding unique and challenging experiences for my work. In no way am I saying that the internet can replace traditional classroom learning, but it can help in some ways. The third dilemma I found has to do with digital media. All of the more active questions in class were about media (such as “when did the Internet actually start?”) but I only had a laptop for the day. So once the lesson was over, I went home and got online. Was there someone on campus who had subscribed to Papers, Pins, and Pixels? How much time was I missing out on if I needed the news?

It turns out that my friends were very interested in this web publication. I went to a few places on campus and wasn’t able to find an interactive coursework option, but a lot of my friends live very close by so there are almost always things for me to try out. There is also a lot of music in the great library so I could always listen to my time in class. It became an important aspect of my learning for about a week or so until I moved back to Cambridge. My perspective of digital media and computer science and how to use the internet to connect with others changed for the better. Not because I had already known how to read digital media by attending music classes, but because I could learn what other people were doing. The internet actually opened up some new options for the way I learn about the world.

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