What Are Knowledgable Skills In Online Learning

What are online learning’s available tools and resources that can benefit your professional achievements and growth?

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With big brands and e-learning specialists ramping up their online courses, learning from experts becomes a breeze. Maybe someone in your group would like to learn to code or has a bias toward Arabic—so you can empower your next coworker to learn an important skill. Or perhaps someone in your office or family wants to be a better shopper or accountant.

Whether it’s selling a new car or learning to code, many of us want to learn something valuable that will help us at home and in the workplace. Given these online training trends, it might help to discuss some basics of what we’re talking about:

Learning Engines

The first step is knowing which learning engines (MOOCs, in-person/online classes, and Skillshare) are right for you.

No two learning engines have the same format or content. There are also different approaches to presenting information. While MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and in-person/online classes (online classes that are aggregated by course domain) are the most common online training tools, there’s more available.


Skillshare is perhaps the most famous of the online training platforms. It’s a marketplace that connects educators and learners.

Additionally, Skillshare has changed its platform to work more efficiently. It’s more streamlined, with better search and navigation.

In general, Skillshare offers a good mix of activities and lessons, focused on careers such as design, gaming, design for fabrication, and design for business. There are 60 learning types, including video, short stories, articles, creative applications, and posters. Some have one-day passes that are priced at $10 or less.


Most resources are focused on recording lectures and recordings of live instruction. There are options for options and it’s about accessibility, so each learner has access to the right information at the right time.

Bookmark LearnBoost

LearnBoost is a free website offering a reliable platform for organizing all of the resources available in the internet.

1. First, if you don’t have a link to the website, Googling learn boost for “1-Click learning” will lead you to learnboost.com.

2. Next, click on “Search libraries” and include “8 things you can learn this week in videos, with a category.”

3. From the list, you can add other library partners based on what you want to learn and why. (You may find videos of very specific topics.) If you can’t find anything to help you, you can add the keywords “learn technology” to look for teaching that focuses on technology.

As of now, LearnBoost only carries video-based content from professional organizations and pre-made 3rd party data tools. However, these are focused on learning of a specific methodology. For example, as of this writing, the Afro-American History Databases provides online resources in Afro-American History, language and culture, civics, and slavery. The videos are both teachers and students offering an overview of different topics.

For example, watch current popular topics like: Slavery, Culture, and Society. It’s a good resource for finding videos and ensuring your learning lasts as long as you’re looking for it.

Spoken Knowledge Videos

Noone ever says he or she learned everything from a video. The proper way to learn is through books and lessons. Again, LearnBoost allows you to look for specific topics.

If you’re looking for lesser-known resources, here are some sources that can help.

These videos might be considered content to pass a certification or job interview. This is a good way to practice a job skill using an illustrative example.

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