What Are Good Free Online Books For Learning How To Read For Kids

Readiness to Make Something Of Your Life? These books can start you down the path of success.

Parents often want to know what to read to their children for quality education and learning how to read.

Research suggests that children who read for fun are more likely to succeed in life than those who cannot.

Here’s a guide to finding decent free free reading material. It’s not all old novels and tomes, but you can find some very good reading material. These reads are specially created for kids by the good folks at Educational Publishing for Children, Digital Reporters, and Polly Mags.

Getting Rid of Goodbyes: Beginners’ Guide to Reading with Books by Alfonso Diaz

Three paragraphs and 50 words in a handout, Alfonso Diaz’s Getting Rid of Goodbyes is well written and very informative. With clear illustrated instructions, it can help you get rid of your bad habits, including your habit of looking at your phone or tablet when you are reading. There are also characters to make reading fun for youngsters of all ages.

Reading the Great Books by Jenny Komia, Joel Komia and Dan Combs

My favorite part is the section on researching classic novels on the internet. The entire book is about old classics. The bibliography is longer than your head can take, and the pictures are also well done. For those young readers who want to find a book to give away as a gift, this book is a suitable option.

Where to Find the Best Resources For Young Students on Education By FreeIt’s also very helpful for students of all ages. It helps students review their study skills through quizzes. Whether you need facts about physics, physics labs, or the dinosaurs in Lucy the Great T Rex, FreeIt’s can help you find something useful.

Colorful Reading Experiences by Jonathan Price

There are plenty of outstanding free learning options available to young students through popular platforms such as Canvas School (aka Glimpse), Lindstrom’s Education Foundation, and Wikipedia. However, few sites do a good job of coordinating these resources to help you learn from them all the way. Colorful Reading Experiences is one such site.

Knowledge By Pink by Karen James

Your child might be mature enough to look at text without reading until they are able to write it. Knowledge By Pink allows you to highlight words or sentences. These sentences are then “drawn” out and arranged by being viewed one by one. If you are looking for a useful guide to learning about the animal kingdom, Knowledge By Pink is a good choice.

Goodreads Book Library by Amy Mattick

Whether you want to find obscure books or just read family favorites, Goodreads Book Library is a very useful website. You can also ask questions of other Goodreads users and ask them a question for free. Goodreads also has a list of free learning resources for students.

Not every online reading resource is free. You might want to check out one of the sites listed above for stories with varying payment options, as well as those with contracts that make them difficult to access.

The Whole World Is a Dork by David Hernandez is a dystopian novel by author David Hernandez, but not all books about the future are meant for youngsters. This book is for grown-ups looking for a stimulating discussion about politics. The only problem is that this book is in Spanish, and as many parents of Hispanic-American children know, free adult-reading material is less accessible here.

These are the books that our future educators are looking for. These novels give them an upper hand in learning to read for reading’s sake. You don’t have to pay to benefit from them.

Alexander Schmitz lives and works in Washington, D.C. his is the founder of the DC Education Hunter blog. He has a Bachelor’s degree in computer science and a Master’s degree in English from Georgetown University. He is currently enrolled in professional development classes. He lives with his wife and his son. You can find him on Twitter (@dceducationhunter).

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