What Are Disadvantages Of Online Learning

Use caution with online courses! A new study found that people taking some online classes may have a harder time earning a degree than students taking the same classes in face-to-face classrooms.

By Maryanne Roller

Online learning has become increasingly popular as students no longer have to travel to college, taking back-breaking bus, train, or plane rides, risking extensive weather damage from climate change. Parents have enthusiastically embraced the stress-free lifestyle of student living, too. The bottom line: Between a love of travel and workloads that are increasing, we are always in need of new and exciting ways to educate our kids.

When you think of online learning, you may not think of problems. But just like in traditional college and community college courses, there are students and teachers alike who feel hesitant about online learning. When you are considering online classes, here are some important considerations.

About how much help we need from you.

The goal of online learning is to eliminate the personal connections that are important in traditional college. However, virtual classrooms still carry many of the same benefits. Students come and go, and teachers remain accountable for personal interactions, such as teacher conferences.

In fact, some studies, such as one conducted by Vanderbilt, have shown that virtual learning creates more dedicated students because students make more effort to reach out to one another on campus. They are often drawn to meet teachers in ways that are usually not permitted in a classroom setting. Additionally, virtual schools have the added benefit of a flexible schedule that enables students to dedicate most or all of their time to online coursework.

Student data security.

Aside from concerns over workload, online learning often means more data sharing. To ensure a student’s privacy and ability to gather new information, you and your students should carefully review your online course’s privacy policy. Whether you choose on-line or brick-and-mortar, there is no point in sharing sensitive student information if your student is unaware of the policy and willing to opt out.

About how common it is to have homework discrepancies.

In large urban schools, there is a lot of documentation that has to be handed to teachers. Online classes provide a more tailored solution, because everything, no matter how small, can be passed on. In order to research every discipline, follow-up assignments may be required by the school. But in an online world, information can be held and studied in your own time and place. If a student is willing to find out their teacher’s workload, after-school tutoring may be available.

About conflicts with residential schedules.

Most online learning schools offer courses and tutoring that are designed to fit into students’ own schedules. But if your student has mandatory drop-off and pick-up from their parents or live in a crowded neighborhood, a substitute teacher may be needed. If it is a pet issue, an after-school tutor may be a better option. For most of us, online learning is convenient and in-demand.

About whether online coursework is enough for the specific students who enroll.

Many online classes are designed to appeal to specific students. They have more regular online conversations to build bonds and a community that develop over time. In spite of success stories, there are always students who do not feel comfortable with online learning. If your child has difficulties in the classroom and concerns about future opportunities, make sure the class meets to discuss questions.

About how you make room for online learning in your child’s education.

The question becomes, if you have always given all of your child’s academic attention to in-person classes, do you need to keep the same track for online learning? The answer is yes! For the most part, online learning provides a more customized curriculum and the end result is a more meaningful education. Because it does not have the supports of in-person classes, most online courses and tutoring can be offered in short bursts, reducing teaching time.

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