What Are Disadvanated Of Online Learning Platforms

There are tons of online learning platforms out there, like Lynda, Coursera, Udacity, Coursera and many more. But which of these online learning platforms offers the best value?

What Are Disadvanated Of Online Learning Platforms

There are so many different ways of learning, but sometimes it can be hard to distinguish which method makes the most sense. How do you narrow down options like MOOCs, YouTube courses, and other online learning resources?

There are some general best practices for picking the right online learning system for you, but first, I want to discuss some of the misconceptions regarding the variety of online learning platforms out there.

Who Is in Charge?

Nothing like a great learning experience to get things started! Online classes can be on any platform, but it’s important to find a platform where the teacher and students are equally involved. Keep in mind that new generations are used to watching classes on YouTube and not much more. So ask yourself if your instructors are knowledgeable or just ‘glorified window-shoppers’.

Distance Learning

Whether you choose a full-sized campus or an online learning course, distance learning makes learning easier. You can study in an environment where you’re supervised and prepared to take tests when required. The instructor will guide you to study and evaluate how you’re progressing. In fact, often students will end up receiving live, online classes that help strengthen their understanding. It might sound like a great idea, but it’s always best to clarify whether the instructor is the proper person for you to work with.

Flexible Lessons

Hiring an online instructor for a full online course can make things much more flexible. That’s because, even if the instructor isn’t able to come to your city or work from the studio where you’re studying, it’s still possible to catch up on your lessons or play the streaming back at home whenever you want.

Attending Online Courses

When going to an online course and forgetting to turn in a test, or taking the exam from your home when you’re working to complete it, it can be frustrating. Is there a bad grade? Does the instructor just want you to go back to school? Is there still some way for you to get out of the obligation? This can happen, especially if there are just so many different open slots or too many students trying to get in, and the only way to deal with it is to reapply.


I know that Google’s video platform may not seem like the most educational site out there, but it’s still one of the most important for researchers and educators. Access to free digital textbooks is extremely helpful for teaching material, finding resources, and searching for related content. Additionally, Google recently added its knowledge graph to YouTube and Google News so students can easily find relevant articles for class.


Google has a lot of partnerships with platforms that also teach content, so if your courses aren’t available on Google, try Facebook. In addition to hosting content from educational platforms like the best teacher badge and the Trivia Games Academy, the popular social network has more than 40 million friends, which is incredibly useful for finding additional resources.

Facebook Education

Facebook’s college initiative also encourages educators to post content. Most college and university students spend the majority of their waking hours at the computer, so Facebook is the right place to share and share alike. Facebook offers a unique interactive educational experience where you can learn what’s new in any field.

You can use the Facebook app to learn more about new speakers, classes, and campuses. It allows you to ‘check-in’ and ‘like’ any brand you’d like! Have you ever seen anyone wake up from their deep sleep and go check-in at a place they’ve never been? It’s very intriguing.

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