What Are Advantages Of Online Learning

Here are some of the advantages of using online education programs in college and/or university.

The journal Psychology Today published an article this week citing a correlation between higher performance in a course and the availability of an online platform. The article, highlighted on the School District Trends blog, is titled “Increased Student Learning Not Just About Allowed ‘Universal’ Outcomes In Learner-Led Online Courses.” Among other things, the article calls out those who wish to see higher standards applied to all of education.

But there is another effect at work here: the ongoing trend to distance study. Schools across the U.S. are investing in technology that allows students to access classroom instruction from anywhere in the world. Many online learning initiatives create shorter courses that combine traditional classroom instruction with more limited online material. Some students are not satisfied with the lack of face-to-face instruction, and they seek out online courses instead, especially if they are taking a field study. Often, those students are behind.

A recent working paper titled “Trends In International Online Learning” published by the World Bank shows that, in some developing countries, 30 percent of higher education students enroll in a field study in their field. Many U.S. colleges have undertaken a similar effort. As one of the first students to ever go completely online to complete his college degree, I know firsthand how beneficial online courses can be to students.

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